Guess whos back, yes shes back!!! Frikkin STIG

This one is dedicated to the lovely (calm natured) Totnes ‘Stig’, She is obviously frustrated about the fact Top Gear is no longer, but to be honest, if I had my chance again today, i would pull her head out from her helmeted half baked driving behaviour and rev up Bob so his new back tyre melts on her face. Now I know that sequence of events is a wee bit over the top, but ANYONE that ignores the rules of the road, then glares at someone who is waiting for her to either finish her manoeuvre or admit her mistake…THEN rants and raves and shows the double digit victory wave of a medieval british archer (all the while having her children in the car) needs a show of hands as to wether they should actually be allowed on the road.  

Honestly I was having a fantastic day (I just returned from Plymouth after seeing a house renovation in action), ignoring any and all imbecile drivers on the main routes (A38 and what have you) only to be plunged into the depths of despair by a complete arse of a dangerous driver in the hospitable Totnes. Never mind, Im hoping she actually switched her brain on and got home safely. Talking of motorway madness, I took Bob back onto the A38 GOING to Plymouth and really had to make myself as small and as slippery as a small slippery snake. The buffering from the headwind was outrageous. Now Bob can hit some hairy speeds in the normal conditions of ‘Not being in a hurricane’ but he struggled to hit eighty ( I know the speed limit is 70 in this country, but why cant I try a bit harder if there is NO traffic) anyway, the route back took about half as much time as the road going. Subsequent tail winds rocketed me Bandit to the wilder side of 100 MPH. I nearly shat meself! so it was with even more caution than usual that i made my way into town.

Winds have been the major topic of conversation around here of late, as the velocity has reached epic proportions. I watched the clouds steal across the skies from horizon to horizon in record time these last couple of evenings (including the appearance and disappearance of a beautiful white full moon) at first I thought the police had sent out its helicopter with the ‘Dragons Eye’ on looking for rural crims. then i realised nature was taking the piss. Unfortunately last night there was supposed to be  a meteor shower, the moon was having none of it and the clouds were doing their best to ruin the moment! (Ill see one eventually) so there you have it. a small précis of my day (and nights). Im alive, someone else is stupid, no meteors but plenty of showers. If you need a vent, or you feel unhappy, just remember, there are others out there pushing a door that says pull. 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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