Anything can happen Thursday’s… On a Wednesday 

Today! What to do today? Well the golden plan was to do what I if to do then get the flock out of here. As always with plans, they NEVER survive the first contact (military personnel will know what that means) but seeing as my first act today was to take Bob to get a new back tyre, my fate was left in the hands of others (just exactly where it should NEVER be) on a plus side, I now know I need two springs for me exhaust as it hasn’t got them and is supposedly a ‘fail’ on an MOT. (Trip to Ian Bells methinks) anyway, back to Bobs new tyre! He’s got one! Now I don’t know if I’m supposed to run it in or what? Well am I? (If anyone can tell me I’ll be eternally grateful ) 


So my plan was shot out the water at first light! I wanted to start off before lunch to give meself a little head start before the weather closes in. Well guess what! The weather is closing in and I’m NOT riding a bandit (new tyre or not) in the dark in the rain on a motorway! I’ll be leaving first light tomorrow now, (I was going to stretch the journey over two days with a. Stop off in Nottingham, but I recon if I leave at sparrows fart, I can be in the land of the fairies mid to late afternoon! (As long as me stomach holds up and doesn’t they to explode as it sometimes does on long journeys) 

On an aside, I used me pasta machine for the first time last night and made some mushroom and goats cheese ravioli, although I didn’t use the appropriate ’00’ flour, I followed Michelle Reux and just used normal stuff. Didn’t taste three bad actually. I’m only getting into the swing of vegetables as for the next little while Ill mostly be a vegetarian! Not too bad actually, some nice tastes from culling carrots! So here I am once again in my favourite coffee shop, this time with a Sandwich on the go too, waiting for the clouds to bugger off so I can wind the bandit up to eleven and hold on for dear life screaming like a girl. Until later dudes 😀

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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