Soliloquy from Mother Earth

(One humans take on what we have done) 

Let springtime herald the vanguard of summer! With russet hues of umber and rich vibrant greens of new life abounding. The skies boil with indecision, ‘should I rain? Should I let slip the radiant giver of light and warmth?’. The animals and the plant life know the seasons as did their ancestors before them, but no clock ticks in their world, no calendars adorn their burrows. When it warms, the air is filled with hope, hope and knowing that the time to procreate is here, time to mate, time to pass on the genus of the one to the next, to ‘carry on regardless’, but we, we as humans, we as the so called ‘top of the evolutionary ladder’ we struggle to comprehend the changing of the seasons, we never seem to be ready for the uncertainty of the Mother Earth. Storms lash, weather berates our efforts to control our own environment. Nature plays with ALL her inhabitants, only we complain, only we see upset I’m form and blame the generations that came before us. Only we say to the world ‘we must change’ but look around at this time period of our year! This time period is a constant change!, A Paradox of creative writing? or a self realisation that what we do to this word, we ultimately do to ourselves? We turn rivers red, we turn fertile lands Barron brown, we turn the skies black we turn life, easy life into struggle. So let the trees gasp with lungs clogged up with our wasted air, let the seas die with our greed for everything it can give. Let the skies weep with the toxins we pump into it on a daily rate. Let the other creatures of this planet suffer for our constant need to better ourselves, let the poorer human pay the price to keep the wealthy on their thrones of death, let us destroy what we have but arrogantly search for another Earth to populate. Could we?, should we? Haven’t we had our chance? Haven’t we been allowed the time to reach our primate pinnacle? Let something else have a go (they can’t do a worse job than we) let the rain fall, let the trees bloom, let the animal life frolic and gamble at this time of the year. Let them forget the tyranny we bestow upon them all, let them evolve (if needed) to see the world as we once did, a place to live, a place to love. Let springtime weird it’s wand over the face of the earth and create the conditions of chaos, the very condition needed for life to flourish. The vanguard of summer beyond the horizon, the warmth of Sol heralds a time of uncertain weather (again) but we, as humankind will always have something to complain about! Too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry! We will adapt our environment on a daily basis with no concern for the impact it will have! How dare we….we dare!


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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