First of the gang

Technology, TECHNOLOGY! Not only can I interact with squillions of people all over the world on my phone, now you can do it from your watch. Granted the watch battery only lasts about a day, and won’t really work without the correct phone but you know. It’s frikkin Scifi man! (Apologies if the spelling is a little worse than usual, I forgot to pack me glasses in me pocket and I’m flying. Literally, blind here) talking of tech! I’ve finally got Bib into the space age now with the addition of a couple of things. First is his USB port, I mean come on, a 1996 Bandit with a phone charger! Then u got him a proper padded base for the Tom-tom. (Unfortunately I rode over a speed bump yesterday and had to do a Peter Shilton dive to save it from thwarting all over the road) superglue me thinks!!   

Today I was greeted with a smiling postman who came a knocking on me door (my door bell is fucking huge and prominent) signing on his space age gadget he handed me a package, a package I have been waiting on with baited breath since last Wednesday! Scurrying back to my living room (having turned off my IPad as I was watching the new X Men film (more tech) I opened the package and lo and behold my new Bluetooth headset for my helmet! I instantly threw the instructions away (because I’m a man) and started to fiddle with it (again, because I’m a man) I then went into my bin to retrieve said instructions and started to get to grips with my newest gadget. 

Charged up, fitted (with a lot of ear ache on my behalf (I need to sort it before Wednesday) and paired to me phone in me pocket, I blasted the birdie dance into my entombed ears (I didn’t really, it was the mod father himself) with the reduction in bike noise, all thoughts of what to do with my earplugs plunged into the depths of “who cares?” I got music! (If only I had put this much thought into the Tom-Tom I bought ages ago!, it ain’t Bluetooth) but never the less, once the pad is secured I shouldn’t get lost again! Unless I’m an idiot (sometimes) 

Three short paragraphs today as I’ve spent most of me time pottering (and no one wants to hear about pottering) aha! Just remembered! Need E-Metal for the leak in me cylinder head oil tube (could take the head off and fit an ‘O’ ring, but Bib will probably never start again if I do that! (Make that four paragraphs)

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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