Octopuses garden

Allow me to gesticulate (well imagine, if you can as I know you can’t see me) but yesterday was a crap day for my bike, so I stayed indoors thinking of new and amusing ways to fill my time while I’m still I the North East. I cleaned me house (why is this underlined???) then thought of food.  I like cooking and as I remembered once a ‘pot noodle’ being proffered to me for a weekend lunch I vowed never to let one pass my lips (or even enter my abode ever again ) 


What to do though! The day before I had delighted my tastebuds with a chicken Marsala, cooked with the delicate flavoured basmati rice infused with star anise and cardamom (might sound gay, but any man who’s only cooking skills is a cup of coffee and a jam sandwich needs kicking) you possess the direct approach to your sweethearts,,,,erm,,,,,, heart if you can rustle up a meal to tantalise her tastebuds and dance on her palate like Michael Flattley on speed. 

Fish! Let’s try fish. I haven’t made a fish dish in an age! But what one to try! Plaice (I have no idea about that fish) Tuna (to be honest, I have never liked it since I tried it when I was 18, and I don’t think evolution has changed its taste too much in twenty three years). Scouring the interweb, I found the fish for me!!! Monkfish! Now not a lot of people can do Monkfish as it’s got a meaty refrain! But I just love it! One of the nicest things I have been served in a restaurant was a curried monkfish dish served with something else (I can’t remember what the something else was, so I made me own up). I went and bought some live mussels (the only pets I’ve owned since I was a teenager) unfortunately for them, I was gonna eat them (I’m not cut out for long walks and cleaning up mussel shit) so saying goodbye to my little friends wasn’t going to be too hard. (While I was serving in the army, I had to kill cook and eat so strange stuff. From chicken to worms to a bloody full size goat, all delicious even though I got to know them on a spiritual level) 

Lots of prep in me kitchen with differing utensils, knives, pots and pans (and lots of butter) the meal came along swimmingly. With a glass of wine in hand (Keith Floyd style) I proceeded to imagine a dish for for a queen, (granted my imagination is a bit fucked, so I had to forego the unicorns and clangers) and make Monkfish in a curried mussel sauce (well when I say monkfish, I mean loin of cod, as monkfish is a bugger of a fish to find in any shops outside the bloody quayside) still tasted nice though! I’ll find the right fish soon, I’ve promised meself.

So there you go! A diary entry about one thing only, my lunch! (Again when I at my lunch, I mean dinner as well because I bought a HUGE loin) unfortunately I dropped one of the three pieces down the side of my cooker as I was getting it from the pan. Can you imagine my disgust!!! Well. That was Saturday, Sunday (today) is a bike day. He wouldn’t start this morning so a bit of fettling and a ducking good kicking got Bob me bandit running like a lion roaring at the Zebras. All in all its a good weekend so far. I hope it all goes well wherever you are.

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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