Can I get a “Hell Yeah”? 

Let’s be frank (I know I’m not, but just for my pleasure and amusement I will be). The last day and a bit have been bloody weird! It’s all caused by myself with no one to blame for the strangeness, but I feel I have (or may be in the process of) achieving lots. By this I mean getting Bob ready for a trip away around the good old country. I have my panniers, my dark visor (I’m expecting sun), my new headlamp bulbs (120% brighter apparently) my new spark plugs have been put in by my own fair hands, and tomorrow I will be doing an oil and filter change (this could prove tricky as I haven’t got anywhere to put the old oil, it’s not Canada or Germany so I can’t just hide it in the undergrowth (ain’t that right Milly))


The plethora of metal animals in this diary entry are all thanks to “Shades of Green” in Asghanistan. For some reason they are all for sale (why anyone needs a fecking huge giraffe in their garden is beyond me) but as I haven’t got a garden, I’m a bit narked lol. (Allow me the ‘lol’ please, just this once) you know the summer is around the corner when all this sort of shite get put into the garden centres (I don’t mean shite, as in shite! I mean shite as in stuff you wouldn’t really see in a garden centre) my only task left in the North is to have some cortisone injected into my wrists (they ain’t limp, before you start) they just need a little help as I seem to have inherited ‘Carple Tunnel’ and that’s a bugger for a biker (not good for the bloody guitar either)


Now he would look cool frightening the kids away from me flat!  I spent this evening in the company of me brother playing badminton in Newbiggin. Now last week was his first game in years, so this time he turned it up and smashed me all over the friggin court (I’ll have him on Thursday) It seems that because we are both at a loose end now me dad has up’d and gone, we are trying to get together as often as we can (I really wasn’t expecting to sweat the beer out me system) I now sit here wandering what to do, I know I should get in a cold bath and sort my aching limbs out, but as usual I just can’t be arsed!


So, a strange couple of days, but eventful days, useful days, with a sense of achievement thrown in. All I need to do now is collect my satnav, plug it into my bike (that’s something else I need to do, get the bloody wiring) but as me bike will need a run after I do the oils, I’ll just get them in the afternoon. Also I’ll have to price up a new back tyre (my heart aches just thinking about that) so for now, I’ll bid you goodnight and leave you with a new proverb and a good picture, “if a man makes a suggestion in a forest and there is no woman to hear him, will he still be wrong?”


I’m hoping this diary entry makes it to the interweb with no problems this time. Thoughts to everyone out there 😀

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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