Someone left the cake out in the rain

The final act done. The last promise of a son to his dad. It was all I could do to take him to his childhood heart to rest in eternity. A poem for them both;

No tear shall slip below this cheek, nor sorrow fill this darkened soul,
A curse upon those made me weak, the scars of battle take their toll.
For many horrors these eyes have seen, within, without with jaded mind
Of all that is and all has been, through horrors meet the souls so kind.

My generals tour of duty ends, his soldiers lose their guided way,
But glory waits my guilded friends, we’ll all march together that final day
Four men to task, and rest his bones, four men from ranks and file stand fast
Four heads all bowed four hearts atoned, four soldiers with the coffin last.

The curtains close upon this man, this general sleeps with flashing blade
The congregation as one all stand, farewells are spoken, respects all paid
A once proud man will ashes be, to lay beside his childhood heart
We leave them for eternity, and walk away, we all depart.


The words I said at the crematorium for my father, the act of laying his body amongst the flowers with my mam was the closing chapter of the book that was known as John Robert Adamson.


I found out, however, that when there is nothing happening, nothing on TV and nothing to do I can just get me leathers on and go for a ride. It came to me as I sat on my couch with the inane cacophony of shite telly melting my earwax, that I should just get out. The sun shone golden through my windows as the sky showed off its beautiful azure lustre. So along the roads we used to drive I went. The sea giving it what for against the rocks and the gulls swooping, trying their best to twat me helmet!!!!! The sun hung low and gave off some fantastic shadows along the lanes of daffodils guarded by bare trees.


Mind you, it was bloody cold along the roads, but the local farm animals didn’t care, they just stood around grazing and waiting to be fed. With the wind whipping up a hoolie, even the pikie horses looked pissed off! It was a quiet ride out with only other bikers to nod at infrequently. So the end of a pretty “Meh” day to be honest. I’ll have more to write and show eventually. . Thanks for reading my blogs everyone. 😀

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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