I sit and wait, there’s an angel……

Collecting the old bugger today from the undertakers was strange, it was the first time we drove in the same vehicle since before he went into hospital. It was like he was sitting next to me!!!! I started to whinge! Honestly, I started to moan like we were together again, he would have liked that.as for the ashes themselves, well I know now they don’t reuse the coffin because he was a little heavy for just me dad. I’ll take him on our last(ish) ride out tomorrow as it’s supposed to be sunny, we will head up the coast and around the old places we used to drive around (I may have a fast bike, but he didn’t like going fast, so there is every chance I will slow traffic) I’ve told the owners of the “Drift Inn” that I’ll toot me horn as we ride past, just to let them know he’s been there. ☺️


Anyway, a day out with me brother today resulted in me buying ANOTHER knife for my collection in the kitchen (I haven’t started naming them yet). I also looked for metallic paint for a bit of a project I’m doing!!! Can you believe there are only a finite amount of colours that the paint manufacturers deem good enough to put a bit of sparkle to. I ain’t using pink that’s for sure). Having a great idea for a memorial to me parents, I entered a shop in Ashington who does a bit of engraving. For a bit of brass two inches by seven inches (and engraved) he was going (or is going) to charge me FIFTY quid!!! Jack bastard. It’s nice when one of your mates still works for the army, so I’m getting it from them, engraved and everything, for the price of a crate of beer. In fact it’s costing me A CRATE OF BEER. (Old school, and proud)


Talking of schools, I took a ride through Ashghanistan at the wrong time (school kicking out time) and I found a strange phenomena going on everywhere. Mothers, most with dogs and Lycra, were walking to pick up their offspring either pushing or carrying scooters!!! Some were pushing bikes, as I rode past me old school (Windsor First) a plethora of parents were standing around in their cliques surrounded by skateboards with handle bars. I didn’t see one parent without. Some of them even had the younger sibling of the one being picked up on a leash. You’ve all seen them, why would you put a leash on a child? Hold its hand! Tell it not to run off, give some discipline. Honestly, leashes are for animals (if you can’t control your pet you shouldn’t have one really). I’m just pleased I wasn’t around the area when the school bell went, the hoards of unruly kids being ejected from the school premises like little sparks of magnesium. Parents reigning in the smaller saucepans so they don’t get run over, not looking where the potential hit and run riders are, and scowling at road users for having the audacity to use said road.


Anyway. That’s most of what happened today. It’s gone bloody quick I can tell you. But it’s badminton tonight with me brother so I expect to be fu#%€d by eight o’clock. Take care my lovelies and I’ll get some fantastic new pictures up.

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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