A day in the life (Well maybe a week or so)

The days grow longer now, not just because of the season but because the person who has had most of my time this last year has gone. I know I told you about the loss of my father, but it really didn’t hit me how much time we actually spent together through the daylight hours. When a genuine smile or laugh cracked his face, it made my day too! Now I take my bike and wonder the places we used to visit. I smiled when he died because I knew that he wanted to be with his life long sweetheart, I smiled at his funeral because, well what else can you do? You can’t cry for a man who has been the reason for your own happiness, celebrate his life not mourn his death.


Well that could have set a dark and depressing scene couldn’t it? But no, no crying, no upset just my normal carry on with today’s (or last weeks) events. Now I’m not saying me dad had some shite luck ( go to a restaurant and order steak, he ALWAYS got the one full of fat) but even the British legion turn out was late, as was he actually! (Not to worry, I didn’t have much else planned that day) apparently the RBL taxi didn’t turn up 🙀 but the nice part was we didn’t really notice as we have never had them at a funeral before and didn’t know the order of service for them. A chat with the standard bearer afterwards told the story, he was ‘Fucking Fuming’ (no wonder he looked grumpy) they apologised and nothing more was said (honest guv) so we had a drink or two with them at their HQ and I only went and made myself a member ( your local RBL needs new members guys and girls)


I find myself now riding around looking for things to fill my day (me brother is the same) so now I have paint everywhere, flour all over me kitchen and oil all over me yard. I decided (last week) to service Bob. Plugs and oil (I forgot the oil filter and fuel filter) so half a service for Bob. When I say service, I actually mean plugs change and an oil TOPUP, plugs ain’t hard, course they’re not. Except you need a bloody plug tool made from the same material as the T-1000 terminator. Normal shit don’t work so string, wire, the wrong tools and a bit of good luck ensued. Four plugs done. Now trying to fill the oil through a hole the size of a ten pence piece is a joke. No I didn’t have an oil can (I have now though) so a funnel made from cardboard worked (BDR on me own kit) only a top up I thought, nearly two fucking litres (it only holds three and a half) no wonder he rand hot. All sorted now though. Oh I did buy a paddock stand to make the job easier as I have no centre stand. Easier!!!!! How the fuck do you put your bike on one of those by yourself?????? 40 quid of wank!!!! Oh well,I have one now.


Sky, I have sky now and a 3D DVD player (40 quid from currys in a sale) I couldn’t have it on the floor as that would just be silly so I decided a small shelf would do. Five pounds, maybe ten at a push. 80 friggin shekels. The shelf, the fixings, the DRILL, the bits. A tear came to my eye. In fact I had my Barclay card personalised with me dads grumpy face because every time it’s used, money is spent!!!! So this shelf looks good (now with me sky box, me DVD player and me Apple TV box on it. I’m jus waiting for it to fall off, I eventually got some of my better photographs printed and framed and up on the wall now ( the walls I painted with the paint ‘pads’ the other day (first time I have used them) but I fear I picked the wrong colour. It was supposed to be oatmeal (if oatmeal is mixed with chocolate sauce then they are fine) I’m now living inside a friggin Easter egg! So I have a lighter colour to try later today! 


So, death, life, happiness and expression have been the staple diet for this biker in the last week or so (oh and Jack Daniels, I got hatracked at his wake) now it’s getting back to the hum drum of life (I’ll get meself into trouble no doubt)!my last duty to me dad is to collect him from the undertakers and take him for one final ride on me bike (in me backpack of course) around the places he loved. Until then I’ve just got to avoid getting a parking ticket from Rita! (Where do you put a parking disc on a bike?) I’ll be back on a more regular basis soon, also I’m writing my book in the quieter periods (yup I’m writing a book) take care y’all and I’ll catch you soon


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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