From the heart

Losing sight of what’s dear/ Close or important to you is the travesty of today’s lifestyle. We walk around mesmerised by consumer advertising the things that we “Need” things that our grandparents never even thought of to help them live longer more prosperous lives…….. But there is the rub! They never had these things, obviously mainly because they weren’t around back then, but if they were, would they “Have had to have them?” Would they have had their lives extended so the product manufacturers could say “Hey, look everyone. Our product works” No. Everyone dies. Everyone who has been and everyone who will be, has that inevitable ending to tolerate. There is no getting away from it, you can be as healthy as you please, do everything to perfection and live the most holistic lifestyle you can possibly live, but guys, we all know it won’t stop the cells in your body from regeneration and replacing the older cells with inferior ones We are born to die! All the little fiddly bits in the middle don’t matter. When your time is up, it’s up! 

That first paragraph may seem a bit dark, but look at it closely, look at the tail end, look at your life and imagine what you could have done different. Would it have made a difference, would you have enjoyed it more, or less with these changes. When anyone asks me if I would do anything different, I always answer “No” I’m me, I like being me, I’ve survived being me for a long time and I’ll continue to persevere with the man I know as Adam Adamson. He’s taken good care of me so far (well I may be a bit creative with that statement, but I’m still here). My friends have come and gone, my work mates have done the same (some gone for good) anyone that has entered into my life and had an effect (positive or not) has shaped me in some way or form. I’ve lost family, in more ways than one. I’ve lost my way more than once and I’ve lost sight of the things that are dear to me. 

Life has happened along (plans make way for life) the way one feels one acts can be dramatically changed by outside forces. For the worse AND for the better. Most of that have passed through my life I’ve had the chance to say goodbye, farewell, adios. Some I haven’t! Because you lose touch. I’ve said goodbye to a few young lads recently, in circumstances that only they could know about. We could all hazard guesses, but we haven’t walked in their shoes so they leave alone. Their life cut short. Others last a little longer, still living with their own demons, everyone around hazarding guesses as to how unwell they “really” are. But the inevitability of the final call hangs heavy on the minds of the terminally ill. My concerns is – losing sight of the future while the present is still…..present. Do I mourn for the dead, the half dead, the not quite there yet dead, or do I mourn for the time I’ve lost on my own future? 

Life catches up and takes over, I’ve just got to get back in the game and take control. Sideline the unhealthy, substitute the goalie and kick the fucking ball as hard as I can to score the winner! This week is a strange one, anyone’s death (none of me families btw……yet) makes (should make) you think about your own mortality. What have you done? What should you have done? Would it have made any difference? Have I enjoyed it so far? Well, I’ve done lots, I couldn’t have done much more (for me) it wouldn’t really have made a difference (you still lose friends and get older) and by Christ I’ve enjoyed every minute (I gloss over the cracks) Be Nice to one another, hold hands and talk. Look at the skies and lose yourselves in the moment. Don’t let your last one be filled with regret 🙂 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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