Ghost town

Seriously??? I walked around my home town yesterday at around four thirty in the afternoon. The entire population of Ashington Main Street could have wandered in directly from the set of “World War Z”. Be hooded yoofs, (those that wernt sported the unilaterally approved haircut of the culture in the north, WIDE moheacans!!!! (And some of them were guys). Lycra clad large lasses eating cakes and throwing the wrappers on the floor then buying all manner of chocolaty confectionary for their bulbous offspring. (Some great life lessons learnt methinks) walking across the roads not bothering to look for the vehicles (some of them taxed and MOt’d (obviously not both together of course)). Talking of cars, it seems if you drive in Ashington, you can park where the hell you like and not worry about the local constabulary bothering you. Double yellows, pedestrian zig zags at a crossing points, in no parking areas outside schools (but that’s just for the peodophiles) on corners or just basically anywhere and anyhow you like. 

Anyway, that a nice picture ain’t it? Taken at Newbiggin on a bloody cold afternoon! I know I rant waaaaay, too much for a bloke of my years, but if I don’t get it out on this media, then I will literally explode into a million pieces, so excuse the irkeness of my chatter. Today I was on a mission to get my father sorted when an unexpected phone call came in from the authorities (no, just the local government, in other words, the council) now I haven’t had much to do with these guys as of yet, but I must admit, the approach was fantastic. No waiting on an old couch (with the remnants of muffins or Greggs pasties stuffed down the side, no looking at strange young women who still wear their school uniform while holding a baby, no sidling away from a smack head with BO and rotten teeth, It was all quite civilised actually. I was whisked in, sorted out and ejected with a happy smiling demure (when I say ejected, I mean dealt with in a timely manner so I could continue on my way) 

I’ve decided (just for now) to get the old “Go Pro’s” out again and see how they work on me bike! Since riding around the area, I find myself in all sorts of situations involving cars, buses and trucks who’s drivers seem blissfully aware of the mortal danger they are putting others at risk. So I’m trialling them out on different locations on me bike (and me helmet (no not that helmet)) the one on the front seems okay (although I did put one on me front mudguard and that fell off in about three meters) and one on the back behind me and at drivers eye level. (Odd how many people stay their distance when they see a redd blinking light flashing on a camera facing them) I’m hoping to get some good footage eventually. To be honest I’m looking forward to using them on a sunny ride out as me dad has asked me to get some good footage for him. (He used to love his bikes when he was younger)

Talking of young, I came across the next photo in an old wallet that I used to keep me club cards in (can anyone remember club cards??? Do you still get them?) those long ago strange heady days when I was a bit slip of a boy (way back before your Gary Barlows made the style…..stylish) a couple of mates and myself dived into the old photo booth (used to stand outside the bus station, on the corner of the COOP now where the pub sign is) the days of going out in cardigans was considered hip, and ANY different hairstyle was way too left field. It’s a pity I didn’t sport a sun tan, but hey ho!  I’ve done too much in the last few days to remember as I write my thoughts down, (memory loss at this tender age) but these ditties serve to remind me of the mood of the moment, the highs and lows of ‘The Entrenched Mind’, so as long as you take each word with the pinch of salt it is thrown onto the page with, then all is well. Till next time me amigos. 

Oh, and that dress is white and gold, I don’t care what the dressmaker says.

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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