Here it goes again

My last rant circulated on a train journey didn’t it. Well, as it happens, I’m not on a train anymore (obviously, but you folk in the south don’t know how far the North is) I was waiting for snow, not a drop, not a flake, not a sniff, not a hailstone even. Until today. I drove the creaking gate up through Alnwick then onto the moors (the spade in the boot and the lime were calling me) and as we departed the known routes venturing on the back lanes (don’t stray from the path) the heavens opened and dumped as much hail as it could (just on our car mind you) and it kept coming and coming. I honestly feared for our safety at one point as I couldn’t see anything apart from Scotland!!!! Braving the winter deluge (!) we made it back to the sunlit roads of wansbeck ( I know,,, sun) anyway stuff was done, words were exchanged and I was packed off to buy a phone for the old fella!!!!! (He will never use it)

My living room has taken on a new role as an Iraqi Palace. I’ve dared the gold wall with the deep royal blue. (When the sun shines……… In the summer (on a Tuesday at three o’clock)) I’m sure the gold will sparkle. If it doesn’t, I’ll feel silly, but hey, it still shines. Plants, plants have taken over me flat, well I have three, but they’re big, nearly trees. Sort of. But the do have names and personalities (I really need to look at those pills again) Georgina in the living room seems a bit pompous, so she gets to watch the telly, Mildred, in the kitchen sits and looks at herself in the mirror all day drinking, and Frankie tries to slide onto me work top to help me out and eat me food!!!!  Now you may think I am a little touched, but believe me, get some big assed plants and see how you react.

Edinburgh, that where we went the other week for a couple of days. It was the weekend when Wales played Scotland at Murrayfield AND it was valentines. I wasn’t very valintinian as it plays with couples emotions to be more loving on that particular day. Well to me it’s like that every day. (Who’s going to pipe up and chapp on about that with me then?) the weather there was fantastic, no rain, snow nor northern winds. Castles and stuff seem to be everywhere up there, and all In Good working order. The only embuggerence was having to come back. I swear the longer I stay away from here with good company, the less I want to stay. Now I’m not saying I don’t like it here, I just can’t bring myself to be proud of Ashington (I can’t remember if I’ve already said that) but these days I’m happier everywhere else 🙂 oh well

Right, time to look at my painting again (the bedroom needs Shzushing) and I’ve slapped three different shades on the white wall (I just know that covering these patches is going to be a bastard) but needs must as I have no concept of colour matching. Oh I’ve made lots of curries (vegetable AND animal) with me new spices I received from me sister at Christmas. (I promised her, so I delivered). Now a telephone and a menu as I don’t really want to cook tonight, (me muffins last night weren’t bad, but I won’t be doing that again in a hurry) cheers for reading guys and girls and thanks for all the followers and likes x

#################NOT A JIHADI, JUST A BIKER##################

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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