‘Very’ Cross country trains

Home, that’s where I’m heading. My little fortress of solitude (probably will be exactly like old Kal Els as its the North and fecking freezing) but enough of that,this train has had its share of troubles already. We’ve had a pikey woman run through the carriage to get to the train guard and shouting something. We’ve had a co mere lack of anything. (Now this is the first time I’ve actually bought a first class ticket for meself, and it won’t be occurring again by these standards) no hot food, only tea and coffee. Or biscuits!!!! I’m mortified! It’s always nicer with Emma! Anyway again enough of this, I’m looking for snow!

Okay I may have inadvertently posted this picture yesterday without an explanation. Take a good look, can you see? its only friggin ‘Magneto’ when he appeared in the coffee shop all the spoons disappeared!!!! I wished I had a pic of the shop owner now because he is David Banner from the avengers! All the marvel characters hang out in the curator.

Now I know I go on a bit about the quirkiness of the place, and the wheat free gluten free organic taste free things they do here. But the fact that they now have decided to turn the cats organic beggars belief (if you’re from Totnes reading this, don’t take offence, it’s basically for the normal people in other parts of the uk)……. That’s not to say you ain’t normal, just a bit left field 🙂 I’m sure if the cats could talk they would say “wtf is that? You weirdos”

Now again, I’m not stupid thick or mental, (gloss over the mental bit for now.) but I always thought animals were organic, so I can’t tell any difference between organic and non organic eggs!!!!! Is there one? Aren’t they just from chickens arses? I’m sure someone will put me right!!! (Just had a rude encounter with a cross country host! I’m in first class with no dedicated host, so we are told to talk to the train guy with the trolley. I just have and all I got was a dejected grunt of annoyance that I actually asked him something………what a miserable twat, he has to walk to the back of the train to get a BLT, we all choose our career paths))

Now, “Neals yard remedies” don’t know if you’ve heard of them, but they are an outlet for skin (organic of course) products and herbal stuff with a bit of witchcraft thrown in I can’t bring myself to condone this stuff, but it works brilliantly (am I starting to go all organically wheat free and glutton friendly (don’t et the Dolphins) I’m not becoming a hippie I’m sure, if I burn, I don’t smell of dry wee and dandruff!!!!!!

Right, that’s me off as my BLT has finally arrived via grumpy Steve! Well I say BLT, it’s a friggin chicken sandwich!!!!! I despair! Have a good day folks and remember to try something that scares you (and I don’t mean annoying a tiger 🙂

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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