Final few days in totnisea

Omg! The strangest most craggiest woman with the most shambolic old man are regaling a potential pedophile about their “Genius” son who had just left school but is the best surfer in the world with a logical mind who doesn’t need to read anything to know how to do things, he just works them out!!! Bleating about him having to work in “Shitty little jobs, for ‘narrow minded’ people”, honestly to sit here and listen to these romanticists is tantamount to listening to my second(or third) personality.

Sitting in this coffee shop has sort of become my thing at the moment, ten tables always filled with mix of life you can only find in Totnes (also Bath now) from couples reading papers or chatting about daily experiences, to single folk tapping away on keyboards or screens (Hello) all busy doing something or other, the coffee shop experience should only be experienced in sufficient numbers to appreciate the ever numerous types around. Students, the coffee ain’t bad either (although I’m sure Emma would have something to say about the actual amount I drink). Oh yeah, yesterday’s experience with two little old wisened blue rinsers! Sat down beside me, lovely old friends they seemed, talking animatedly about the health if a mutual friend, then they go into one about modern technology. Emails, face time, iPads iPhones Facebook the lot. Then one asks the other if she still uses her “Land line” (not too spurious until you look at there actual age of these dears)
and to think that at the advent of the Internet and mobiles and tablets they were already well into their dotage! Fantastic, really uplifting to see that ALL walks of life suffer similar problems (to one degree or another)

I must guffaw incoherently at this moment. The mothers Union has just wombled in with a plethora or unruly pretentious little darlings, taking over the place like its a fecking crèche! Nothing wrong I hear you say, until they try to liberate my chair. Now the laughable part is the fact one of the horrors who has been squealing has Juergen asked hunts mother if she wants a “pain O chocolat’ or a ‘croissant’ WTF? This child is just about old enough to put her socks on her feet not her hands!!

Pool and rum to end the evening with a bit of David Attenborough to boot! Along with travel plans to bugger off up ‘t’ north on Saturday! (As long as the weather holds off and the trains don’t fall over!) hopefully me contact lenses are in the opticians just in case the sun makes an appearance!!! Take care, don’t forget to eat your tea and cause some trouble!!


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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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