Leo rising (with a hint of religion and total twaddle)

(Oops! Photos at the end)

Sitting in a beautiful little cafe drinking a latte I am regaled by the slap happy bollocks that springs forth from a loud gob! This chap would’ve been fantastic in his university debating team! Everything is politically correct (as long as it is following the anti establishment guidelines these loony liberals take) a pastiche of pretend pomp and promises that will give them a good feeling for a day or two, then on to the next big quest, I don’t know, save the beard or the war against wooden furniture as it depletes the little bunny rabbits homes.(Sorry, he’s just solved the attempted murder of a leading light in little rabbits brigade by claiming it was a miracle)

An hour later and j now know the numbers of activists on the West Bank, I know that the Middle East is s hot bed of death and destruction, I know that all his friends are anarchists (apparently) his girlfriend in the Israeli army , AND I know this bloke is s dick! Now that may sound like a negative comment, but in all seriousness it’s not. Of course everyone is allowed their opinion , that’s what I fought for anyway, but to listen to the rhetoric that is continually sprouting from his mush in this beautiful quaint cafe is beyond the pale! I either say something or I walk!!!!! (What is the better part of valour?)

So the next coffee shop it is then! Totnes life could literally revolve around coffee shops! Some lovely ones too. I think I may have mentioned the diverse ethnicity that sprawls around here! Well look in any coffee shop, bistro, cafe or pub (they all sell good coffee) and you will find all walks everywhere. Talking politics, environment, future plans and past memories. A quiet seat in a quiet corner can herald a bounty of information about just about anything. The pace could be set fast or slow (depending on your mood) oddly mine is stuck on slow! Chatting and losing time still dominate my psyche. Seriously I could drink coffee, bounce around, chat shit and do nothing all day! (But that’s just not cricket)

So a day passes and the sun rises in Bristol! Now I’m one for being really under awed, so when I’m told a film star just walked into the train station cafe, I thought ‘I hope the butter is soft enough to spread on me toast’ he looked at me as he passed by then stood with his back towards me until he left! I just thought he looked a bit nine eleveny and familiar (probably met him in a pub) “Art Malik” apparently!!!! So Bristol beckoned and the choo choo chuffed it’s way across country! Now I know complaining isn’t my forte!!! But come on, if it says free wifi, at least be able to look at emails or documents!!!!! So nothing was sorted on route. Apart from always drink the tea and jog the coffee as its crap!!

Right I’m off to trawl around dim lit shops and strange buildings looking for a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit! Take care, stay safe and always say please and thank you!






Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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