The other side of the fence

I can’t knock anyone for living their lives their own way. I can’t accuse anyone of taking the piss with how they dress, how they conduct themselves, how they talk or how they walk. I can, however, comment on the frivolity of today’s pseudo hippies! I KNOW the flower powers of the past, they had nothing and didn’t care. It was a world dominated (well the western part anyway) fashion statement on how to live your life butting against the system. Freedom of expression (as long as that expression conformed to the standard set by the authorities). Drugs! Recreation, experimental, new, free love, free speech (again closely monitored) people against war, the bomb, abortion, oppression all for a reason! (And some of the reasons were a bit strange, but they were reasons) but I hang my head with incredulity when I walk amongst the chic, bespoke fashionistas of today’s modern drifter. Designer drab gear, gluten free woollen garb that would cost the weirdo in the past a months benefits! All these “Individuals” huddled together in their masses, scared to venture away from the norm in their un normal ways. Safety in numbers, so the flock stays in the areas away from the wolves. Those normal everyday folk who may scoff at the individuality of the group!!!! Still could be worse! They could all congregate in one town!!!!! Have you ever been to Totnes??????

But ying and yang persist in all walks of life. Take the small hamlet of Ashprington! (Look it up) it’s not too far away from Totnesia yet it has the distinct vibe of past work! A sort of “last of the summer wine” but without Nora Batty. (Plenty of “Compos” though). The village/ hamlet/ enclave is dominated by a pub and a church (no wicker men……….yet) and the tempo seems to have stopped in the mid forties. Built on a hill, you can find most of the older residents hobbling around on sticks or being dragged by big dogs. I’m making it sound a bad place, but it’s not. It’s picture postcard, (or chocolate box if you want.) (Timothy Dalton could run a supermarket around here if it were big enough)

On the patio in January wearing t shirts and shades can’t be all that bad can it. A phone call to Nanuke of the North confirms there be snow up there. I’ll wait a little while longer before I attempt to travel to the frost bitten land of ashghanistan. While I’m “Dan sairth” I’ll bask in the sunshine of loveliness and smily faces (albeit hippy hairdos and high chairs). Various activities keep the addled mind occupied, walking, drinking, thinking, walking, drinking, walking (you get the idea) a G and T before breakfast gets you through the morning I was told 🙂

A wonder around the countryside enthuses the mind to more and more freedom, whether it be from built up areas or the turmoils if modern living, the only thing missing is the roar of the Bandit as he screams abuse at the pedestrian folk giving back glares of annoyance as a vehicle actually uses the roads for what they were built for!!!!!!!! VEHICLES!!!!

I’m off, time to do other stuff than type my thoughts. In fact it’s about time I had some more really! These are old and decrepit (just like me really) so I’ll say tarra and farewell for now and hope you have the days and nights you applied for, coz there ain’t no giving them back

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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