I hear that ghost train rumbling along the track

These last few days putting black and white photographs onto my Face Book page have been pretty bought provoking. Starting with the obligatory dodgy selfie, I flew through the gothic styling of York Cathedral (with Emma) then up to SeaHouses for me dads portrait. Extremely poignant as his future is black and white. The weather that day was as dark as the background of the pic, with the rain lashing down in buckets! Anyway, we had a great day out, a few laughs and memories to share.

My next picture was taken in the car park of my local ASDA. I hadn’t intended to go shopping as I was on foot. Unfortunately my basket overfloweth and I ran out of pockets. So as I waited for a taxi (talking to a strange rather too familure person). It rained, as it is always destined to when I’m on foot.

York cathedral looked stunning in the sunlight, and f you got inside quick enough, the stained glass windows shine brilliant onto the floor. Colourful and spiritual (but no pics inside as I thought it would be a little too trashy)

Now my first pic is an edited one that I did a while ago. With a bit of make up, I made my head a scull and with a bit of playing, I got the effect I was after. With the words in the middle it became apparent I could use this. As I am writing a book about PTSD I now had a cover picture and a title, “Slide to Open” goes from me, to what’s under the mask, clever stuff this madness!

My last (tomorrow) will be of Emma Cassiel at the Roman fort along the Roman wall along the A69 “Up North” that was a long drive to a pile of rocks! But an enjoyable time never the less.

Black and white pictures are cool, I think I may continue to a whole with them, I’ve nominated four people so far, I’ll nominate one more in the morning. Keep them going guys, and keep the cameras handy, it’s the festive season.

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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