This man I know, he needs some shelter

As this year slides ever so slowly into the past, I begin to realise that nothing is ever infinite. The seconds that were spent this morning will never tick again, the moments lost last week and the hours vanish from the mind. Years are the slowest to forget, decades will never be erased from the human mind until that mind has wandered off itself. This isn’t a mournful missive, more of a thoughtful tirade against the passing of the sun through our lives. My life s on the level playing fields of normality (whatever that is) at the moment, while others around me seem to be paying for the roller coaster ride I’m usually tethered to. My many ups and downs tamped down by prescription and inner peace. So as I look at the blood caked and bruised eyelid of my left eye, I realise that I had to do something self destructive as I ease through this period. This time though, I only damage myself, not those around me, the ones I love. Although others on the ride have a profound effect on my plateau, time will tell if the wheels fall off or not.

A tale of two halves really, the north (my home and bolt hole) was bloody warm and cozy before I left. Now this north south divide is taking the Michael, for the last few days (dare I say a week) it’s been monsoon season in the south. The heavens have opened and poured all their contents into the green fields of Devon. Although I must admit, the Sunday service for the fallen was wonderfully bright and warm. The local memorial was crowded with, well, locals I suppose. All of them old, all of them respectful, all of them looking as though it must have been cold in the ground that morning, but through this, along with the names of the fallen from the village, I was given the honour of having two of my mates names added to this list. I won’t go into the details of the who’s and why’s but those of you who know me, will be familiar with them. So to the village of Ashprington, I thank you.

These last few days have been bliss, I have been in a place where my mind has been allowed free reign, (but not left unchecked) I have fallen asleep in the presence of yoga, I have lazed in the comfort of friendship, I have loved in the peace of tranquility (sliding into the poetic there wasn’t I?) the nights are now closing in as fast as a politicians excuses for wrongdoings. The weather is definitely on the wane, and the long socks are making an appearance. Warm fires are being lit. Comfy home cooked soup and broth are fast becoming the staple diet, and snuggles in an early bed are now the norm.

So the tone of this score seems two fold, or Bi-Polar, or just confused, but as it’s me, and my mind tinkling the screen of the iPad, them I’m excused. So, The essence of life is to care, the secret of life is to dare, the adventure of life is to learn, the challenge of life is to change, the joy of life is to love.



Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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