Wired for sound

There’s a blast from the past, what’s happening to him anyway with this police interest. Well I’m not interested in that actually, what I AM interested in, U.S. The amount of people lost in their own worlds, plugged into MP3 players secreted around their persons. Well iPhones or galaxy’s really. From the in ear buds to the biggest most garish over the head head phones. I can’t remember the guy with his giant phone, but these people look like a comedy character. I counted ten folk (two of them walking together) within half a mile!!! They walk around transfixed in their music ignoring the road signs, busses, cars in fact anything else in the real world 😟

Anyway, the time since I last penned a missive has been filled with my father, everyday I either ride Bob around to his, or walk, or skip sometimes (granted not much skipping) but when I get there, the day starts. Again. A sit a chat a tea and a think what we will do through the next few hours. Mainly we go out to a place called Blyth to try and get some food inside him, (sometimes it works, sometimes it backfires, but I get a cup of tea) unfortunately the other day, the wind whipped up a hoolie and as I scanned the skies for a house, he nearly tripped us both up when his bloody walking stick blew in front of him (I was linked to his arm in case he DID fall). Now being young(ish) as I am, I never really thought about the consequences of a strong wind. Apparently if you are old, it takes your strength, your breath and your heat. Bless him, he was freezing by the time we got back into the car.

But all in all, we get a few hours out the house, I drive him where he used to go as a kid, so at least he gets talking and sometimes raises a smile or a laugh 😀 (it’s not until our mortality is questioned, that we realise how fragile others are). He has decided to stop driving himself now (after over half a century behind the wheel it’s got to be a hard thing to do) mainly because of his eyesight, but since a lovely crash in ASDA the other day, it has definitely hit home. Apparently someone had a heart attack as they approached the roundabout and went into the car park through the recycle bin, hit four other cars then ended up in the trolley shelter. (Well that’s the story I got from a couple of shoppers in the car). So the thought of him hitting a crowd or a child has scared him off from driving 🚒🚑🚐

Well, that’s all the excitement from Asghanistan for now. Myself and Bob have been blown around the roads (no bloody waves in the sea though) I got me sisters car MOT certified (with a service) so that’s mine for the next week (in case the wind picks up again) super salads and veggie breakfasts are on the up and up. I’m ramping up the leaves for my travel down the road again 😇 won’t be long before I’m off for a while to the fairies. If there is a reason, find it, if there is a problem, solve it, if there are moments, keep them, if there are faires, love them.



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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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