All about the Bass, No treble!

Really, no seriously, I saw that video and heard the tune a few weeks ago in the south west and hoped and prayed it was a ‘Birdie song’ but nope, it’s lasted and now I have the tedious humdrum tune tucked away in my head (not a lot of room left in there I can tell you). Anyway, to my week! I know I started with day one (the trek to town) and that’s where I pretty much finished it wasn’t it? Well a lot has happened since that last post, a lot of food eaten (good food) a lot of wine has been drinked (good wine (I know, it’s deliberate)) a lot of walks a lot of photos a lot of laughs and a lot of happiness.

From walking the walls and sampling the bistros of York, to the quaint cobbled streets and the many bridges that span the expansive river something (what’s the name of the river?) we did them all. A few reviews were written about certain places (although one wasn’t that good I suppose) Dont be lured by the bumf that the ‘Hilton’ hands out, it’s not the best place to be! Again I have had another spell of ‘Meatlessness’ (or vegatabilism) and the bistros and restaurants have entertained that menu with gusto. Just because there ain’t no meat, doesn’t make the food dull, in fact some of the best tastes I have had this week have been devoid of meat products! I’m not trying to change attitudes to this type of grazing, but give it a pop!!

Leaving York behind after a week(ish) we headed to my place in the ‘Stan’ I must admit, I was a bit nervous of showing off my place in the province, but it was all in my head (as I said, not much space left in there) Before we actually arrived, we made a HUGE detour to a lovely place called “Fountains Abbey”, if you’ve never been, it’s just through Ripon past Pateley Bridge. It’s an absolutely astonishing ruin of an old Abbey. With wide expanses of green and lakes and trees and stones and paths and stuff!!! Seriously, go there guys, it’s beautiful.



A super salad at night and a bit of Jimi Hendrix on BBC4 it was all good for the next day 🙂 off to a few sights (after breakfast with sister and Brother in law) Newbiggin first (I think) a walk and a listen to a folk band practice in the art cafe at the church point (every Saturday apparently, free music for all) then it was off to Bothal (do you know where the second castle is?) then a long assed journey to Vindolanda. In my 45 years I’ve never actually made it there. Gone on the wall yes, but he actual fort, nope. And once again, I would recommend this day out. Walking around the archeology, you can sort of get the sense of the conditions of the time. As a soldier who had done many guard duties in his time, you are given the opportunity to stand on a remade tower and see what the Romans saw. Oh I would ‘Shimf’ you can see the black clouds on the horizon and that would send the average soldier in a skirt into a fit of ‘This is SHIT’ (as any modern soldier will agree)



A full day out with smiles and laughter, a few new experiences a few new places to visit and a happy Adam. The train station on Sunday to split the team for a little while, but then again, it wasn’t a goodbye, just a run across he bridge and into the distance lol. Anyway, the week away was fantastic, York, go there, Fountains Abbey, go there, Vindolanda, go there, it’s all good folks. 🙂 so if you have a moment, use it, if you have a thought, act upon it, if you have an itch, scratch it and if you have an egg, hatch it!!!!

Oh! A story for you. A little place in York, along near the Fosse bridge calls the “Blue Bicycle” it’s a restaurant (a beautiful one) I asked why the name and was told…. Back in the last century, it was a brothal, and when the ‘Madame’ was in house, she would ride in on a blue bicycle and leave it outside to tell the punters they were open. Downstairs there are still the alcoves where the beds used to be. Friday’s and Saturdays they have dining down there. It’s a great story and a great place for food and atmosphere.

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