Surat spreading the news


Day 1

Waking in the morning (after the day me carpets were and the flat took on a distinctly homely vibe) the rain was abundant in the north east! In fact I could have stepped out my first floor flat window and dipped me toes in the precipitated puddles around Ashington!!!! To say it was cloudy would be an understatement of epic proportions, never had a misguided comment been uttered since the mayor of Hiroshima covered his eyes and said “What the hell was that?” So the fact that I had arranged with me sister to borrow her car for a few days had seen me ride Bob through the rivers and streams that used to be roads. Soaked to the skin (well me arse was wet) I made for the coffee and toast! A quick talk then I set out in the Citroen (after getting Bob all snuggley under his cover, ,,,after nearly smashing things in Margaret’s yard as the gate was JUST wide enough if I tilted him over)

Off on a journey in the Frenchman! Now I normally disappear down the A1 (as I know where this road goes) but for some reason I was drawn to the A19 (not a clue). As I passed places I would otherwise have seen only on a map, I began to worry a little that I wouldn’t get to my destination within the allotted time given. As it was, traffic conspired to bugger my journey up (according to the sat nav, it was going to take me two hours to do ninety odd miles) as I careered closer to my final destination, the road took on an all together smaller demure, with a caravan, followed by an old man in a rover, followed by a tractor, followed by a transit fan full of girls on a hen night, followed by me!!!! 25 MPH was the order if the afternoon, with NOWHERE to overtake!!!! My stress levels rose and my knuckles whitened! It was then a text from Emma calmed the situation DIWN!!! The train was coming in a bit later than planned!!! Disaster averted (nearly)

Out on the town after getting to the hotel! (Hotel car parking £18, normal parking £6,) figure that one out!!! Anyway, the view was of a tower, a ruined tower, a ruined tower filled with pigeons and geese!!! And American tourists all shopping for Christmas presents!!!!! In York! (I don’t know which ones made the loudest noise) a few places drinking, a few strange drinks (cocktails and wine, with the odd ale then JD) it was a silly evening of drunkerdness and irresponsibility!!! (That was the outcome we had planned for) now I’ve been a northerner for, well pretty much all my life, I’ve drank I. Some crowded areas around the country, but York on a Saturday night was possibly the most overpopulated place I’ve seen in years. People everywhere, queues into every decent pub, packed to the gunnels pavements, drunks being sick down back streets, drunks sitting in doorways looking worse for wear,but the two drunks I cared about were having a fantastic time, laughing and giggling like school kids, holding hands and looking like a couple happy to be in each other’s company.

The story will develop through the coming days as this place us as pretty as a postcard, lots of drinks, food, wandering, churches, cafés, bistros, rivers, everything should be included. For those with hope, keep hoping, for those with breath, keep breathing, off those with hearts, keep them beating, for those with cold, keep the heating (on)


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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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