I don’t know what they’re doing but they laugh a lot behind the green door!

Now looking at that title, it seems I’ve travelled back in time to old Shaking Stevens (possibly one of the only entertainers from the seventies not under investigation). It’s been a little while now since I came back from Nirvana and quite a bit has gone on up in the North to be honest. I’ve spent just about everyday with me old dad going for lunch, then a drive around his memories 🙂 it’s been fun actually, I never knew that Cambois (pronounced Cammus) held World War Two submarine jetties! (Now I can’t remember where the pictures are, on me phone or camera, bugger!!!) and he has also shown me private (public) toilets in Morpeth (don’t get any smutty ideas, it’s me dad)

You’ll find that the pictures on here this time have an autumnal feel, in fact they are of the changing season in Asghanistan. (Even though the last couple of days have been better than the summer) Bob and me have been playing in the sun enjoying ourselves, and what’s more (forgive me if I’ve mentioned this already) I’ve rediscovered something called “The Power Band” on me Bandit. Now when I was younger I had a Yamaha DT 125, it was a cool bike and the power band came in at around 7000 RPM, and I honestly loved the feeling when they kicked in, like a smash in the back from Thors Hammer. So the other day I decided that I hadn’t taken Bob to the red line on the Rev counter. As I pulled away from a roundabout onto a duel carriage way, I wound him back. As I hit third gear and the bike screamed into the Power band, the world started to blur. My arms lengthened, my thighs gripped, my eyes widened and my mouth nearly split in half with the grin I sported. Fourth gear and time started to slow down, fifth and I started getting younger. I never made sixth before the horizon raced towards me and forced me to sit up and slow down before I hit another roundabout.

I now have a new found respect for Bob (but he’s still going to get a makeover ebntually). Contact lenses, just a note about these things. When you run out and try to get some more, the world seems averse to cash. Specsavers (great store) had none of my prescription in as they don’t stock them, nor did Blyth, nor Morpeth, Cramlington or Washington. Newcastle said they had some and all they needed was my prescription from my branch. Again they asked for payment via card, but eventually relented when I said I would turn up in the morning and pay cash. The girl informed me that they had two boxes for me and I just need to pop in. Today I endured my sisters driving to “The Toon” to collect said eyewear. Unfortunately when we got there, they decided that they now didn’t have what I wanted, they needed to order them in (the same as MY bloody store) they couldn’t understand why I went a bit quiet, went a bit red and (in my head) destroyed everyone within a five mile radius.

Not to worry, my plan came to fruition as I’m going to York for a bit, so I phoned them, ordered them and will collect them, (why can’t life be so simple every time) my day with my sister came to an end with me starting her broken car (new battery not happy) and helping her deliver me dads car back to him. Onto ASDA for some shopping, (once again, buying too much stuff for me back pack and having to stuff me bread into an area the size of a packet of ciggys) . Anyway, some good news is that I have my carpets being delivered and fitted tomorrow, (only taken since July the first) but hey, they are coming, and that’s a good thing. Another good thing is the fact that I am going to spend time with someone over the next few days, time where I will have no other worries apart from ‘what’s the weather gonna be like’

Last bit now, (the sarcophagus is a cool thing) me and me dad, as I said earlier, have been going out every day and we saw this Egyptian coffin, how cool we thought that would be on the rollers going into the crematorium. (We both thought the same) anyway (again) life’s good, futures better, past is past and my smile gets wider every day. 😀😃 of you have a plan, stick to it, if you have a thought, share it, if you have an appointment, keep it and if you make mistakes, live with them. Xxx to you all

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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