Which do you choose? The hard or soft option?

Three weeks is a long time really! Especially when I was only going away for a weekend, but the lure of sunshine and lollipops encapsulated me 😀 so I stayed in the South West and smiled. Lots of things have gone along during that time. Weddings, birthdays, BBQs, bands, walks, magic (you know, the usual everyday stuff 😳). All starting with the ride down the road again. But this time it held fun. No worries, no thinking about any consequences of what may happen, just good old fashioned fun! Being taken to a venue to watch my first band was quite awesome actually. Meeting new people and drinking new drinks, I was introduced to a new way of looking at life 😃

A wedding loomed the next weekend, a wedding I had anticipated by posting my suit, shirt, tie AND shoes down south. (At least it kept the weight down on my back with Bob). The venue was an old milking barn, when when I say old, I mean new, well when I say new, I mean updated. Apparently the owner had spent millions on the place, renovating and regenerating the milking sheds Into very beautiful rooms/ apartments and the farm house into a fantastic place to stay. Dancing and drinking ensued, then the head felt heavy 😳

The entire next week was spent doing everything and nothing to be honest. Drinking coffee in lovely places, riding Bob around the town (scaring little old tourists who thought the roads were wide paths) then helping prepare for the next event. A birthday party for the girl that took me for yoga a few weeks ago. Big tents, stages, more bands beer, wine, food (with the added delicacy of my fig and frangipan tart)……..forty of the little buggers! Anyway, the idea was based around “The Bold and the Beautiful”, (the dress code that is) so a lot of very bold people arrived. After I did my Gordon Ramsey part, I took a little time to put on a bit of makeup and present myself as a Bold OR Beautiful dude. (I think I may have frightened some kids)

The party was great the bands were fantastic, I was sick in the toilet (I say this because someone else took it upon themselves to empty the contents of their stomachs on a wall), now THAT Is just plain rude in anyone’s language!!!!! So off we travelled (the next afternoon, after food and cleaning up) to Cornwall……on a train……in the sun (I can’t remember the last time I travelled by train) but it was coooool. With beer and snacks for the journey, I was taken back at least twenty years 🙂 eventually getting to our destination (two different areas in Cornwall) we enjoyed a chilled out few days 😃




I really didn’t want to leave the south, it felt……….right! I enjoyed new friends, new experiences, new things everyday. I wasn’t by meself, I was fortunate to have this time with a person who made me laugh, smile, enjoy the days and nights, (get those minds OUT the gutter) but unfortunately time ran on, and the North East just couldn’t keep herself to herself. So back up Bob and me rode. Through traffic jams, crap driving and contra flows the whole bloody way up! Only one near miss this time. But I survive to dance another day.


So it’s with a smile on my face, I say, if you find life, live it, if you love life, share it, if you have a smile share it, and if you have a heart! Wear it (on your sleeve????) just be happy guys X

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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