Mountain deep, River high!!!

Well it’s been a while since I put finger to touch screen (remember the days of pen to paper???) but I’ve been pre occupied by life to be honest! So on (or around August 28) me and Bob left the North East for more adventures in the South West! As we travelled, it occurred to me that this journey should be fun. No worries about the speed or rapidness of my trustee steed as I had gauged that from last trip. So winding the loud handle, I pointed him south and took off! Trouble was as I left, the bloody sun came out And stayed out. (My last moments in Ashington consisted of posting a suit! AND giving a TV detector guy grief) As I stood in my yard talking to my neighbour, a car pulled up across the road and a shifty looking guy sat in the drivers seat for a while watching us. (As an ex soldier it rang alarm bells) so when this idiot got out of his mondeo and came through my gate, I was up for a good time! His opening gambit was to ask if I was the occupier to which I replied “who the fuck are you ?” He seemed affronted and asked again! Guess I was going to be as obtuse as him then. Eventually he got the idea that I was going to dismiss him as readily as an ASDA horse burger, so he introduced himself as the TV detector dude! (I really should have invited him in, but he would have seen the telly I haven’t got) anyway, my old neighbour got a little scared at the swear words so he made his excuses and left. Meanwhile TV twat was asking me questions about the missing TV licence. “I haven’t got one” this was the answer he longed for so he started reading me my rights!!!i stopped him and asked what he thought he was doing? As I didn’t own a telly, therefore didn’t need one. (His paperwork was being filled out as though I had a receiver with no licence.) eventually he realised his folly and ripped said paperwork up and said he’ll be back!!! Why? I haven’t got a telly! These guys do not give up. Apparently if you have ANY receiving equipment ie, radio, computer, PHONE, you have to have a licence!!!!!!

Now I’m not too bad at navigation ( once I know the route) but a 140 mile journey (on a straight road ) to my first RV took 4 hours (I got lost and ended up on the outskirts of Manchester) I wanted Leeds!!!!., late dinner and early to bed for Mrs Adamsons little boy. The next morning started a little later as I knew it was going to take me a day shift to travel! But this time it was play time! I wound him up and went for it! Racing bikes, cars, caravans, donkeys anything really, as I got closer to my destination, the worry crept in as I started to think about the route. (Bugger it, I’ll just stay on the road) the signposts flew by then the one I was waiting for loomed up! I was going the right way 🙂

Bands, parties, dancing, drinking talking walking, laughing, amongst other things have been the order of my stay here! The sun
is out (as no doubt it has been in Ashghanistan) the swimming pool adds a touch of the the algarve, and the company adds colour to the surroundings! I don’t mind the idea of this phase coming to a pause, just not relishing it! But at least when I get home, I can get the guys in to lay my carpet and kitchen Lino, it’s only taken since the beginning of July. But I’m not bitter.



Right, enough of this! I must catch this sun because It won’t be long until I’m back on Bob and winging it back to the North 🙂 Guys I have A lot more to blog about my time here but that will wait for another day 🙂 have fun, have laughs, have good times an have joy x




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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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