Me and the farmer, like brother like sister, getting on. Like hand and blister

Bank holiday Monday. August Bank holiday Monday. Time was, you couldn’t get anywhere because if the revellers! The guys and girls with jobs having a free holiday while it’s still summer! The Monday itself used to start at around lunch time (with alcohol) then womble into the afternoon (outside the pubs on the grass drinking (but not causing any problems)) everyone smashed by around five o’clock, but still convinced they could carry on. The night time revellers would then appear, the people who had been out on the Sunday and paced themselves ready for the Monday pub crawl. I rode through three local northern towns today, and NOTHING! No underage drinkers, no parties, no one stumbling around being sick in the flower beds! Morpeth, Ashington and Newbiggin didn’t raise an eyebrow. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement! What has the youth of today turned I to?

MORPETH….. Now I was through here a couple of weeks ago, and I think I mentioned how nice it was, no pikeys, no screaming kids, no council estate folk at all (don’t forget, I’m one of those) but today showed it’s true colours (or SHOUKD I say, the colour washed off) looking at the Main Street, we have many a second hand shop AND a Greggs! The local councillor for Ashington didn’t like the idea of people popping at the Greggs culture in Ashington, but after looking around here today, it us pretty much the same everywhere. Screaming brats running across the roads, crying because they can’t have so and so, hitting parents and siblings. It was strange, but at least the boats were out 🙂

Like yesterday, couples, families, overs old AND young walked amongst the alluring smells of fish and chip shops! Ice cream vans abounded the parks and litter appeared everywhere! My next stop was Newbiggin. A small fishing village about five miles from Ashington. Again, nothing but families of grandparents taking the whole family for a walk along the sea front! To be honest, this seemed more appreciated than the riverside walk along Morpeth by kids. Leaving Bob in the car park (now that WAS scary) I wondered onto the promenade (the last time I was here it gave me a bad taste in my mouth) but instead of heading around the bay, I found a lovely Cafe towards the church end. (Some sort of artist place) the prices were reasonable fir a goats cheese and red onion panini. But in future, I will ask exactly what it entails. (Crumbled cheese and raw sliced onion on warm bread wasn’t exactly what I had in mind)


Back through to my home town and I felt sure the lateness of the hour, coupled with the Bank Holiday would find me some revellers! Squat! Diddly Squat! Never mind, it as time to put Bob to bed and have some food! So as for “Binge” drinking, it just doesn’t seem to happen, as for bank holidays, well I suppose you have to have a job first before you enjoy an extra day off, but at least the weather stayed healthy up here for my washing to dry (Rockstar life) so now I sit and make plans for a trip away, (oh, and I’ve to throw ice water over myself) I used to run a palace in Iraq for four months with everybody and his dog coming through at stupid times for help, so I’m sure I can work our how to travel to the other side of this country on a shoestring 🙂 May all your troubles be little ones, your sacrifices be worth it, your goals attainable and your achievements acknowledged x


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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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