Starfish and Coffee

August bank holiday weekend, day 12, no change! Anyway, it’s been the first reasonably nice day since I got back from Devon. So Bob and I decided that a ride out up the coast would be a good thing to do. But first I had to find all my stuff for the bike, this wouldn’t have been a problem if I hadn’t hung things up in differing places to dry from the last time I wore them. The cover came off Bob and he saw sunlight for the first time in ages. some time at me dads after a bit of shopping, reminisced a floating holiday for him through photos I had been sent via the inter web. (For decency sake, I cannot show these photos as they may be incriminating for the persons involved in them)

ASDA beckoned as I had ran out of a variety of stuff, some pointless, some necessary, and one an impulse buy. Needless to say I’ll not run out of sugar for a while :/ a pot of tea and a piece of fruit loaf (I’m becoming addicted to afternoon tea…….. In the morning) sorted me out as I forgot to make breakfast! I must admit, sitting in the cafe area if our local store, you get to see the plethora of life around here. From the onsied bedecked pikey, to the gang of young kids drinking or eating good from the shop itself, then putting the empty containers amongst the shelves! I never did it meself, but if the store security ain’t watching, then that’s their fault!

After an age chatting to the old man, I had to go and check on me sister (she looked a bit peaky yesterday and apparently was worse for wear today) so off I rode! What a load of shit I was told!!!! She was fine, making lunch and being positively chipper, well, sort of chipperish, well to be honest she still didn’t look good, so I declined the offer of food instead opting for a cup O coffee. (Without the sneeze) while there, she dragged me to her little vegetable garden to show me what her green fingers had achieved (not snotty) she took pride in her cucumbers, (which were rather nice to taste) and then offered me a yellow thing that she maintains, still is a cucumber (we will see)

Satiated with the scent of home grown produce! I made my way out of Ashington (not before being confused by a little old couple who decided not to use indicators or brakes, or any other warning to other road users (and pedestrians)) the driver decided he didn’t want to use the road to his left, he just rode up the curb ignoring the two women walking along, and parked on the grass!!!! I duly gave him my regards, with an extended index finger then did one along the spine road to Whitley bay. Passing by many open top cars and motorbikes (still the nod to each other) it really was a day f fun. Tourists were out in force, couples in love, families with friends, couples with dogs, old folk with chips, every person was out with someone else along the sea front. I couldn’t really stop the bike and take photos (well I could have, but I didn’t want to drink extortionately priced coffee). The day ended at KFC, (I was hungry) and the last thing I needed to see in the car park was a pest control van, but as the “Fully Loaded” box lured me in I wasn’t to be deterred.

So now it waits for me to put this to press and hope for another beautiful day tomorrow, the camera will be out, the bike will be revved up, and the sun will be smiling (happy positive thoughts) I’m sure I’ll find fairies in the woods around Creswell. If not, I know where one lives. So if you have magic in your life, use it for good, if you have light in your life, let it shine on everyone, if you have a song in your heart, sing it loud and if you have a spring in your step, you’ve got a thorn in your shoe X

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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