Sound of the drums Beatin’ in my heart The thunder of guns Tore me apart You’ve been –

Why hasn’t it been thundering and lightening? As I sit here writing this missive, the sky’s have opened up and dumped a sea of rain down on my house! I can hear the beating of the drops against the WALLS! I’m pleased it waited until I got back in me house! It DID start spitting (no smut) earlier after the gym and once again I had the wrong trousers on! I got a tad wet!!

The day started well, at least I think it did, my memory is already fading!! Oh my! Anyway, smiles in the morning are becoming second nature now. Along with Yoga, therapy, physical exercise and day nine (or ten) or our experiment! I did have big plans for today, I even made a decision on what I could conjure up in my kitchen (I’ve managed to sort out my wonky cooker so it doesn’t throw hot pans of oil at me now) fir some reason (I’m sure it happens to us all) my morning disappeared like a British IS fighter coming back home! And before I knew it, I was getting ready for a motorcycle ride to the gym……it’s Thursday!

With a little rain spotting, I decided it wasn’t bad enough for full wet proofs! (Why do I do that? Whenever I wear my brown combats, it rains, oh it rains) but I was pretty sure the weather would stay away. Well after two hours of torture again (an hour in the gym pumping myself(!)) then an hour belting the crap out of a shuttlecock. Out of seven long games, I succeeded in winning ONE, and that was with the two point winner!!!!! So as I came out, the heavens had decided the earth must have been alight! Another dumping!

I wiped the seat of Bob, and put the tissue in the bin, by the time I got back to Bob, the seat was wet again! As I looked up to the skies, I realised my helmet visor was open and took a face full of precipitation! The fog started in an instant! As I pulled away, the back wheel thought it was an extra from a Mad Max movie, skidding across the pavement like the ‘goose’ I really had to cling on for dear life! (Must make sure I don’t do that again) anyway, off to me sisters as she wanted me to sort some IT stuff out today. I mean me with IT, I can just about spell IT!! By the time me and Bob rode the mile and a half, my legs had become twice the weight, and my gentleman’s area was freezing (and as wet as a mermaids arse) finding she wasn’t home made me frown a little, only because I had already hooked my legs off Bobs seat and trunched to her front door!!!

Blitzing back to my place (bugger the spinning rear wheel) I got the bike locked up and covered from the deluge, traipsing up my stairs I dripped everywhere, and some places that I physically couldn’t! Stripping off, I found the dye of me trousers had transferred itself to me, making my legs look lovely and tanned! Being the nice brother I am, I walked back to my sisters (the rain had awaited a little) and found that I wasn’t needed anyway, she had sorted her own IT problems!!!! So a ride in the rain AND a walk in the drizzle were not required, I frowned!

Food, at last, hot food. Something warm anyway, my poor little backside was freezing, so a hot stir fry and pork medallions was on the list! With a pan that didn’t fall off and cover me in oil! So today has been busy, wet, busy, sunny, busy, and frowny! But I’m sure it will get better as the evening goes by 🙂 (thunder on the way south) . Here’s hoping everyone I know gas a great evening and gets everything ago polished that’s on your lists 🙂 x

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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