Saved her life, she nearly drowned, He showed off splashing around!!!

Day 8 of my experiment set out between me and my Doc! (All is well) although I will say I’m noticing the intent crassness of local life in the north! Once again I have shuffled by a family of Greggs pasty eating (I thought the local councillor protested that no such people existed here) women, smoking cigarettes (all three) over the top of a small child in a buggy!!!! And the expectant mother didn’t care two monkeys!!! Oh well! Anyway, my day didn’t start there 🙂 it started with a text, (which made me smile) and a walk to my dads as I promised to take him out for lunch. Although the day was just starting, I knew by the time he pulled himself round, had numerous cups of tea and cigarettes, brushed his hair, got his shoes on etc etc, it would be nearer the top of the clock! I wasn’t wrong 🙂

Looking at the weather forecast, I didn’t hold much hope for today, so I blatantly ignored it (in the good old fashioned British stiff upper lipped way) and thank Christ I was right! The skies hung heavy with dark pendulous clouds (a nod to one of my favourite musicals) and I advised me dad to NOT wear a thick coat! (If that had gone all wrong, I would have heard about it ALL day) all he wanted was a pair of shoes, and I’ve NEVER been shopping with anyone like him in my life! He knew what shop he wanted to be in, walked in and found his size of shoe!!!! Bought them and walked out! Three full minutes in a shopping precinct!!!!

Well done to the elder generations of this country for learning how to do things right for once 🙂 off to his favourite cafe for his lunch now, (well I did promise him) but all he wanted was a salad!!!!!! Well I wasn’t going to complain as I had Pie and Peas, I haven’t had this for years, and it still tasted as good as I remember 🙂 all said and done, our day out was productive and entertaining….with food thrown in too 🙂 dropping him off I tempted fate and hit Ashington Main Street! I wished I hadn’t! They were all there….as usual, the great unwashed, now I know at the moment I’m one of the masses, but at least I have the ‘Luxury’ of unholy jeans (a fashion statement from the nineties that is NOT by design now)

ASDA didn't lift my spirits either. It was obviously family benefit day or whatever you call it, as the store was filled with behatted, and jogging bottomed dirty trainers! Hoards of them, families upon families of podgy people (I know, they are everywhere as this country is now in the top 5% of chunky children! ) but on the flip side, a lot of younger guys and girls were of a 'normal' shape, I say 'normal' because I really don't know what 'normal' is anymore. Not to worry, I purchased enough healthy crap to satiate my apatite for the next few weeks! Although all the Phys I'm doing is helping with that too!

Reaching home and picking up the plethora of letters thrown through my post slot (what do YOU call it?) my postman must have decided that he is allergic to closing gates too as it was left swinging in the breeze (I’m going to do something about this, big spring I suppose). Now! The first letter I opened (I’m pleased I wasn’t drinking) told me that my bike insurance was going to be cancelled as I had not replied to any of their letters they have sent, it was then, that I remembered that I do all my insurance ON LINE. Go figures ! Anyway, panicked phone calls and shaking heads later, it was all sort of sorted out!!!! Well sort of (I’ll probably get thrown in court for no insurance in a months time) . Right, time for me to do stuff, (as I’ve done not a lot really (I’m supposed to be painting my stairs)) so if you feel good, Good! If you feel bad, feel good, if you feel pain, that’s bad, so feel good, and if you feel sad, please don’t, X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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