Sunshine on a rainy day

Oh man, every conceivable type of weather today, well when I say EVERY, I don’t mean snow (although it does seem cold enough) waking up to the brightest sunshine (I know the sun is a ball of fire that will be this bright for a few years yet) but streaming through me windows and bouncing off me alarm clock almost blinded me. Not having the sense to move the clock, or get out of bed, I just lay there squinting at my book. A good day for the bike too, I thought. Unfortunately the deities of free wheelin decided against it. The wind (which has been cyclonic since Friday) hadn’t given up it’s best yet. It has more and more to show as the day blustered on.

The juxtaposition (I like that word, and if it’s in the right context, then hurrah for ejucashon) of this weather (and) season seems to grow more and more evident everyday. Loads of friends informing me they are so close to putting the heating on (and it’s STILL August) which means still summer. As I said earlier the wind was whipping up a goodun, yet it was still warm. Even the old man didn’t complain outside. However he did complain whilst we went out to lunch, as it seemed the restaurant was hell bent on making everyone freeze with the air conditioning on full tilt. Never mind, lunch went well, and a Sunday roast was well appreciated.

Looking at this picture, you will see green leaves on the trees, sun in the sky and dead leaves all over the ground. Summer/ Autumn all in a day. Even down to this evening with the rain and dark clouds abounding the skies. Looks like were in for nasty weather, to coin a phrase. With my friends coffee and a saucy cat wanting a real good friend, I have achieved almost everything I set out to do today. All part from staring Bob and having a blast around, the wind (now rain) has put paid to that, but not for too long I can tell you. So all I can do now is sit and watch a film or two, Star Wars yesterday, Indiana Jones today and relive a little slice of my youth.

Next week may hold a few things for this guy, things that should be beneficial to him but we can only wait and see. A few messages, a few phone calls, a meeting or two and a desperate need to go “Brumm Brumm” on Bob. As usual I’ll keep things light on here (although anger bubbles underneath) and I SHOULD get out with the camera to make Ashington look lovely (one can only hope ) so, if you have a brain, use it, if you have a heart, share it, if yo have courage, show it, and if you have a lovely pair of ruby slippers, click the heel three times and make a wish x

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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