Standing at the door of the pink flamingo crying in the rain!

Today was going to be filled with lots of things. Some good, others essential, but most just as day fillers really. My whole intent was to get out of bed, do some meditation, have some breakfast and go out to play (nothing wrong with that)……….BUT, as always “The best laid plans never survive the first contact”, granted, I did get out of bed and laid on my carpet meditating and thinking happy things 🙂 a bit of breakfast then………nothing! I mean nothing. pJ day crept in and everything was done from the seat of my couch 🙂 THAT WAS YESTERDAY, although I did watch “Mad Max” and make a mince pie with “Sgetty Hoops”

Today saw me get out the house!!! I deliberately wore combat trousers instead of my bike pants, as the sun was out and the skies were blue!! Oh how wrong was I? I was WRONGER than a wrong guy who has been wrong a lot. I first rode out to Crambodia to find my mates spray shop, but my keen sense of direction lead me to a cafe. Now I’m laying bets that everyone I saw today with school kids are well over 60, god bless grandparents! Honestly not a single PARENT has been seen. Cramlington or Crambodia seems an affluent place (or is if just dole day and they’re all in the pub?) the smell of lavender and linseed permeate my tea cake! I look like a freak with a beard and an arm full of tattoos, all my bike gear and a pot of tea with a toasted tea cake!!!! Bless you Steven! I’m reliving your past.

On the ride back, I decided to venture around the local area and see what I could see. I wasn’t aware that thee was a VUE cinema in Crambodia, but sure enough, there it was. Slowly riding through the traffic I decided to go through Bedlington station, groups of kids all over the place, I forgot they are on holiday, but not an OAP in sight. More normal sized adults roaming the streets was while I rode through that the first drops of wet crotch appeared! This is when I regretted my choice of pant! Within seconds, my crotch was as wet as a dolphins nose but at least the cold in my groin area took the damp thoughts away.

When I eventually got my ass back into Ashghanistan and stowed Bob, the rain was starting to abate. My gear was fetched from my place and a slow walk to the gym ensued! I had forgot all about that until this morning. So two hours of cardio vascular and Badminton, I was f####d. It was when I decided to do some shopping that I realised my folly. I had NO vehicle so my little back pack was all I had to carry two shopping bags home in. With a cup of coffee in my hand at the ASDA cafe, I skilfully placed everything into the back pack, (looking like a total shop lifter in the process) I even went to the extreme of putting the receipt in my hoody pocket in case the “Man” stopped me. Now last week we went walking and had quality time looking, smelling, noticing things on the journey. Today I just wanted to sit down and eat a biscuit! Oh well, today has ended (Bob is tucked up) the fish is in the fridge ready for baking and the tea is in the pot (yep, last week has reinvigorated my penchant for tea)

I just had to put this one in as I have noticed a trend in and around local towns concerning leggings! No matter who or where, there are always leggings, when it’s warm, they add vests, any colour, mainly grey(ish). So if you have a washer, use it, if you have a problem, lose it, if you have a credit card, abuse it and if you have choice, choose it (if it’s wrong, make it right, if it’s right, then good luck) x

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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