Saltwater wells in my eyes

Well, that was a week away. A week of relaxing, breathing, being and doing. A week that took me and me mate ‘Bob’, (the ninja is called Bob now) on a 700 mile round trip to the wilds of Devon (North AND South), through Lancashire, back through Wiltshire, Hampshire then lancs again, up to Northumberland. (Now here I’m going to be a bit sad) when you’re in a car travelling in excess of 100 MPH (that’s just not me is it?) you just concentrate on the driving, maybe out the music on, talk to your passenger, the normal stuff we always do. On a bike, I was holding on for dear life through the winds, the rain, the slippery roads, the blind old people (doing exactly as I just said, but without the speeding), so all my senses were heightened and my muscles were working to the extent, I’m in a red hot bath trying to coax said muscles back into some sort of normal shape. I have enough road kill on my visor to feed a small African nation, and enough sweat in me leathers (not leathers, but material) to fill an Olympic sized jacuzzi.

Bob, me mate. Now I looked at the figures about what he can do I.E, mileage, but in the end I just ignored it and stopped every hundred miles (or every hour as the wind dictated) and topped him up. Not wanting to look at the oil situation until any lights came on, I was impressed it used NONE!!!! Well I don’t think it did, I haven’t seen any metal in the spyglass. I must admit I used what I was taught through the week on the journey, I could relax, tighten and straighten my limbs, my back, my neck everything whilst riding. It must have looked a bit strange to the passing motorists watching some red helmeted buffoon on a bike doing yoga at 80 MOH, although I didn’t see them, but I did see the swarms of other bikes passing on the other side, a quick nod of acknowledgement and they were gone.

My last evening spent with friends in the south culminated in a pub crawl UP the hill, then a walk down to the taxi (backwards??) some decent pubs in Totnes, and dome pretty cool guys and girls. Lots of tourists still around t night (although OUR night finished at around 20:00) I’m sure it seemed like one in the morning. A taxi home and a Chinese delivery (not a lot eaten as we were both too drunk and spilling it) but if sort of rounded my trip off. Sunday saw me pack up, and RUN, (yes run) the road from one house to another, I was told it would take an hour to walk, so yes I ran it.well I tabbed UP the hills and ran DIWN them. Still took me three quarters to an hour!!!!!!!! It’s friggin miles (the sign posts lie)

Oh yes, just a quick one on this pic. If you look, it’s funded by the national lottery, but look at the warning signs!!!!!!! WTF????

But it’s when you have scenery like this, present itself, you realise there is nowhere like Blighty to warm the heart of an Englishman (sorry Jocks and Welsh), oh, and Paddys. But the countryside down South is lovely, as too is the country up here (just a bit colder and hardier plants) well all my stop offs around the country this time have been accomplished (sorry if you live in Abingdon, but the time and weather were against me!!!! NEXT TIME!!!!. For all you with soul, feel it, love it, show it, for all you with heart, give it, share it, love it, for all those with joy, pass it on, enjoy it, love it (can you see a pattern) and all those with love, well you know what to do X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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