Time (Clock of the heart)

(Don’t put your head on my shoulder, sink me in a river of tears. This could be the best place yet but you must overcome your fears). A little reminisce down he memory lane (but to be honest, my memory lane ain’t quite the same as it ought to be) anyway, today was another mixed bag of mediation, mindful walking , good food, yoga, talking and laughing. Unfortunately, my right eye decided it wasn’t playing this morning. Waking up with the all too familiar burning sensation in it, and the throbbing of an ever expanding eyeball (ready to explode) I knew it was going to be a shit day for looking at things.

Not to worry, glasses were the order of the day (except when the sun tried to burn out my retina) then it was sunglasses. After bending myself into all sorts of ridiculous shapes (my body seems to be getting more elastic) it was breakfast then off for a mindful walk to the beach through a forest type affaire. Poached eggs on toast (I’m sure there was a diet here somewhere) driving through the countryside sounded fantastic, I say sounded because without my glasses, I was as much use as Stevie Wonder at a beauty contest. The vista was described to me as a green tunnel of loveliness ( that evoked all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases) until I realised we were driving through trees. (Not a clever start) but the drive soon ended and a perilous walk (albeit short) ensued down a thin twisty road.(I couldn’t see a thing so I stayed at the back listening for things to jump out the way from)

After mincing my way to the beginning of the “Quiet” walk, I really regretted the fact that my glasses were in the backpack, and I couldn’t actually see anything to be mindful about. If I took my sunnies off, my right eye streamed goo, and I couldn’t see, if I kept them on, I couldn’t see.i hate eyes!!!!!!! But to the beach we went. We past a lovely pink house on the way (another chocolate box place) and a number of vehicles that had no right being along that road (dirt track) I must admit, the track did remind me of somewhere in Tidworth we used to run up and down (this place was THAT steep) so I just remembered to watch my footing (couldn’t even see my feet) and headed down. The beach was the same as the one we mindfully walked along the other day, all rocks and stones the size of small sausage dogs, but this time I was keeping me sand shoes ON.

A sit down and chat whilst eating our “Walking Apples” (I know we had finished walking, but don’t quote schematics) an hour or so later we headed back to the car (up the hill, which I laughed as my legs were ringing from the morning sessions but still wanted to run) into town for a few things then back to base for food! (Never has a bacon avocado, cracked black pepper and salt open toasted sandwich before, simple to make, tasty to eat. I really needed to do my homework for my afternoon session so I cracked on with that, and because it was all about writing my feelings down, it was easy. As it was coming out my head to my hand to the pen to the paper, it just flowed like water 🙂

It really was a PINK house. To be honest, today has gone well, the afternoon session went better than I expected, and new revelations were opened up to me, things I never associated together seemed to click and make perfect sense. Anyway….(in time I could have been so much more. The time is precious I know. In time I could have been so much more, the time has nothing to show) …. If you have time, use it, if you have choice, choose it, if you have food, share it, if you have a hat, wear it ( it stops the sun burning your head and keeps you cool. 🙂 x

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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