Silver dream machine???

Well not quite silver, more of an emerald (look there I go again talking in vistas and hues, not colours!! It’s dark green FFS) and he’s called “Robert”, or “Bob” the Bandit. He’s the two wheeled cousin of BOB from Cyprus (I’m sure if you have followed these from the start, you would know who she was) anyway, I bought him a few days ago but had to let someone else ride him home as I wasn’t insured (how sensible is that?) mind you I WAS. insured within the hour(ish) and I took him out for a burn! (Well I shit myself and thanked God it rained the next two days)

After a little while, it was required that I took the bull by the horns (or the bike by the handle bars) and started my journey “Dan Sairf” I got as far as Leeds (after popping in to see my eldest in catterick) whilst there the heavens opened up and dumped every raindrop it could onto the A1. The fact that I was in a petrol station with lightening everywhere, and a car with flames coming out from under the bonnet didn’t dampen my resolve. I knew I was gonna get wet and scared, but what the hey? It’s been a while since I rode in the rain, how hard could it be?

I shat meself! Not only did the rain endeavour to make me sloe off the road, but the cars seemed to be in a hurry to put me in the ditch. All I could do was hold on and prey for a swift and merciless death.oddly enough that didn’t happen!!!! Ali got as far as Leeds and rang a friend to ask for lodgings for the night. A dry off and a curry later, all was well in the world. Now I will let you into a little secret that the owner of the restaurant showed us at the dinner table. You know how NOONE likes the lemony, mango chutney (or lime) well, what you do is cut the hard skin off the lime (or mango) and slice it into tiny pieces, then add a lot of the (sweet) honey ? Dip, then the onions then the soured cream, mix everything in well, and it changes the whole taste when you dip in you big crisps!! (Everyday is a school day)

As I’m sure you know, I don’t name names, so the owner of this room needs to be thanked for the lend of it by myself, and the lodgings for Bob his keys are in my jacket pocket in the wardrobe if you need to move him 🙂 I set off for the south in the morning yesterday and the wind conspired to blow me back “Up North” (it seems everything is coming up there just now, rain, lightening, wind, immigrants the lot) so I had to stop every hundred miles or so just to ease my legs and stretch off! The bag I carried surely doesn’t need to come back with me, I’ll just post the bloody thing.

I won’t put too many pics of the place I ended up yesterday, suffice to say it was stunning with a lot of heart and soul. So I’ve traveled on a bit further (but north this time) to start a course of “Alternative” therapy!!!!! How this will pan out is anyone’s guess at the minute, but I’m feeling positive about the week, and when the results DO come in, I shall pass them onto my colleges from the cohort so they may be able to get some benefit.

It’s enough for me to be getting on with for now, so I’ll say if you have a wish, make it happen and if you have a dream, never wake up 🙂

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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