Everyone avoids me like a psyched lone ranger

Out and about, in and around. Two parts of the last 24 hours (ish). The last part of the last twisted text was about a young lady, the first part of this is about an old me! ME!!!!! I don’t really consider myself as old, but I know the wrinkles of time irritate me more than the knife marks on my bench (why didn’t the last occupier posses a chopping board, or at the least, a shred of common sense?) I only had a couple of bottles or lager last night and a couple of Jack Daniels, so my head didn’t hurt as much as the last time. Although this time I did make a little mess I me kitchen to wake up to, but also found something strange on my dryer.

Now I know I didn’t take any paracetamol last night (I don’t posses any) and I know I didn’t make a sandwich as I had a Chinese (again) but at least I put all the stuff back in the little boxes as to not leave a smell AND I put my plates in the sink. So I have a mystery to solve! (I like a good mystery) with that I had my morning toast and coffee then pondered what to do. I knew at some point I would have to get the roller out and paint the hallway (a task that has been put back and back until I can find no more excuses not to do it) I had chosen a white silk (what the hell) let’s go all Gok, so the hallway is supposed to look bright and fresh (just like me?)

As you can see, I hate painting, with the cutting in all done at the right time, it shows that I need a second coat with the roller. A roller that doesn’t fit my extension (my UNIVERSAL extension). Up and down the friggin chair I went. I step back and survey what’s been done, and I can’t see a bloody thing, white on white is outrageously stupid. At the end of a two hour stint, it looks like the three blind mice have had a go at decorating. Oh well, I’ll put that off for ANOTHER day then. (Glad the carpet hasn’t been payed yet) ind you it looks like Casper the ghost has been dancing in the passage with all the white footprints (I’ll have to wash them off won’t i)

As I said yesterday, I will be out and about with my camera soon, to try and make the town look attractive to anyone from around the world that actually reads this, (I know many do, as WordPress conveniently allows me to view my history ) so if there are any ideas of where to go and what to photograph (sensible ones please, as we DO live here) it also helps me to have a goal too, a goal that makes a positive impact on ME, rather than dwell on past events and negative stories around the war zones I used to frequent (and probably would have in the future if I was still in service)

Now that is dedication to Sky! Anyway, if you have a heart share it, if you have a mind, speak it, if you have a soul, love it and if you have a bike, ride it (it’s summer)

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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