Banana Republic

Whoaaaaaaa!!! Just a God damn cotton picking second there little partner. Yesterday was definitely a day of two halves (or at least diametrically opposed events), on one hand, I awoke with a vision of Pluto, Daffy and Mickey, yes that’s right, I was having Disney spells again. Fell out my bed, got back in, fell off the toilet, go back on, fell out the shower, stayed like that for a while then went back to bed. I’m not saying I was scared, but this is how all my troubles started back in 2006 😦 I was going to put it down to heat stroke, but after many consultations with the internet (and some folk in the know) it’s probably the reoccurrence with stress! (Me! Stress?) those who know me intimately will no doubt scoff at that remark. But as the days go on (four now) the nausea seems to be whittling down to only constantly now. Before it was more than constantly (really, there is such a state)

Now this missive may be in a couple of parts too, so please bare with this addled mind of mine. So I was ill, and my phone was left flashing all on it’s lonesome from 0730 until I crawled out my room at around 1100. I was informed of the need for ambulances for my old pappy. (He’s fine now, back home after a night in Ashington hospital and a scan at the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) that’s two things, (I’ll get onto the third and final thing later, possibly more important?) hospitals are a curious place, young doctors being told off by old nurses, female doctors certain they know me. I must admit, I did ask her if I had ever taken her out. Thank goodness I hadn’t, but I DO know her face from somewhere.

It was today as I walked along from taking me dad back home, that I realised Ashington isn’t really all that bad. I had the idea that there are some places that look quite interesting and picturesque. (I know there are some s### holes! but there are everywhere you go) so as I remembered the local councillors rebuke to folk slating the “Greggs eating pikeys on the Main Street” I thought I would endeavour to show the nicer side of my home town. This may take a few weeks of photo taking, but I’m sure I can photoshop our “Worlds biggest Mining Village” back into the light.

Obviously I won’t miss the poverty side, but even then there is a story behind most of it. Now for the third and final thing that happened yesterday, I take pride in not naming names or slating folk (as I said in an earlier twist, unless they are governmental departments or organisations, never individuals) but please, let me introduce to you Hanna Phillys. She was born at 16:20 Friday 25 July 2014. I feel I can show her because she already has been made public on the inter web. The reason I take this opportunity to post this pic is so that in years to come I can see what I was doing and what I was thinking about when she was born. These missives are a great memory improver, (or at least reminder if forgotten things) so here she is, there she was.

That’s all from these fingers and this mind today, if you have things to do, do them, if you have folk to love, love them, if you have lives to live, live them and if you have mouths to feed them. Whatever is round the corner, is still round the corner just now, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue walking your path x

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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