It’s black and white, don’t try to hide it,

Allow me to have a little weep! The last three days have been scenic to say the least, you may have seen the lobsters on the beach and the words I’ve written about the sunshine. (Not a common occurrence indeed) so on the summer vibe it has been a positive one. The less than positive side (I’ll not be too negative) is that it was a complete waste of My time and Their money for the hour or so of meetings I had this morning. I feel as though I should be grateful for the help I have received, but in my heart of hearts I cannot bring myself to feel it!!!!

So fond farewells and a drive to the train staton, (I have to change trains three times now as the commonwealth games have absconded with all my destinated carriages) It the sun is still bleaching down, and I still see mothers with kids just waiting to burn on the beach. I have suffered today with dizziness and nausea again (I thought it was all starting again from 2006, but I realise I’m probably suffering myself from heat stroke (just a touch)) so the air conditioning that works! In this carriage is a god send.

Okay, change of plan! I was going to disappear into Glasgow and have a shufty around the streets to get to another station for a quick train as the guy at Ayr said I would miss this one. But low and behold I have managed to get onto one heading to Edinburgh as mine pulled in from my RHOD. (Only the military should know what that means) so my journey may be longer, may be shorter (I’ve just seen the number of stops this one does…….it’s going to be longer) so now I have no idea of my timings!!!! Not to worry, I’m on me way out of Glasgow Central and away from the madding crowds of the ‘Commonwealth Games’ I forgot those buggers were on so I was a bit bemused at the number of changes!!!

Reflecting on the last couple of days with the ‘Mad Ones’ it was really nice to see the familiar faces again, although some of them were missing and a couple only lasted but a fleeting glance, it was good. Now as for the veterans that are on various courses within the walls of Holly bush, I seem indifferent to them and their histories. I wasn’t ignorant, nor was I arrogant, I had nothing to do with them really as they mainly kept themselves to their respective cohorts! It s a pity really as cohort 14 tried their best to mix with everyone whilst there. Oh well! Never mind, I shouldn’t have to much to do with CS or HBH anymore. My well mannered and measured response to the questioning made me look all nice and polite again, whilst deep down I was boiling to explosion at the very mention of this place.

Aha, it seems the gods have rolled a six and I managed to get on the correct connecting train to Newcastle from Edinburgh! I wasn’t too sure if I would make it as the train from Glasgow took what’s seemed like 15 years!!!! No I exaggerate it seemed more like 15 days. Any road up, the train docked at 1656 and the Newcastle train was destined to leave at 1700, now I don’t know if you have been to Edinburgh tram stop! But there are a combination of ways to get to the various platforms, mine may as well have been 12 3/4 for all the good the fat controllers were. I followed the signs (no translations, just good old English) and they took me to the wrong side of the station, I was beginning to think this was some Scottish joke that the English didn’t get. Eventually, asking a lovely policeman, I flip flopped my little legs as fast as they could flip flop to the correct platform (next to the one I arrived on) and made it with seconds to spare. So now I’m on my way into England on an English train built in (probably anywhere but England) and I find that the English are money grabbing tight arsed gits. On ANY train in jock land they endeavour to have FREE wifi so commuters can catch up with the news or just Facebook pictures of cats skateboarding, but in England!!!!! In England you get 15 minutes free AFTER you have given GCHQ all your information and promised your first born to the god of railtrak. Then it’s five pound per hour, on a system that will not allow you to stream porn. What’s the point!!!!!!!!! The food was as expensive as the car that the train driver uses and the filling looked like stuff, we won’t mention the taste (or non taste).

Anyway, it’s misty, I’m cold, I’m skint I have no internet, I’m facing backwards and I’ve just spilled me coffee substitute down me top. If you have a prayer, put your hands together, if you have a song, hum it and if you have a care, please just pass these words on 🙂

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

One thought on “It’s black and white, don’t try to hide it,

  1. Ah…. the smell of cod in the fish quays of Scotland ….. or perhaps its just the Scottish lassies ambling aboot the numerous flea bitten taverns – I remember it so well!

    The fact that you continue to describe Scotland in the same sentences as Sunshine continues to mind fuck me, however, your photographic memorabilia provides amble evidence of something that simply cannot be.

    Have a safe journey home bonnie lad and enjoy a cocktail or two tonight or tomorrow for your troubles!!


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