I’ve sank!

Well I did say I would add a bit more onto today’s missive, I think I ended with a rant concerning the lack of transport from “Terror Towers” i.e. Holly Bush. House. The train from Edinburgh to Ayr was like the X32, it stopped at EVERY stop. I’m sure the driver dropped off ALL his mates along the way (at their houses) it’s taken less time to get into orbit. But again the train was quiet! Too quiet! Ploughed up to Glasgow, then back to Ayr.,the countryside (again) was spectacular. Scotland may have it’s problems (the Scottish for starters) but it’s countryside is breathtaking.

As soon as I breached Ayr, I phoned my mad mate and told him I’ll get the coffees in (Nero again) it wasn’t long before we were back in the swing of the routine of sitting at the front of the shop shooting the shit laughing at the locals. Then into TT. Everyone asked how I was, and the reply they got probably didn’t go as planned! I told the truth, I wanted to know who told me to get my own way in, I was on a mission and I just didn’t care (well that’s a good start) I was booked in and and processed then I asked a question that seemed like I had shot the cat! “why was I here?” I was looked at in dismay and told the letter I was sent had all the details on. When I produced said letter with NOTHING on, the back-pedalling started.people ran off to find what was going on, who was going to see me, what the plan for the next two days was. …..

It seems nothing is happening tomorrow :|its all starting on Thursday around 1000. THURSDAY 1000. I mean what?????? I feel myself and my mate have been summoned early because of our anger issues, and the other guys are arriving in the afternoon of Wednesday because they aren’t as angry as us!!!!! Dies that make since? It’s the only reason I can see the staff wanting to deliberately wind us up. Well they succeeded in the first minute of speaking to them. So in essence, I’m off to the beach tomorrow (just as today) get a tan, have fish and chips, eat some ice cream and relax, they are paying for it. AND if that was their plan, so be it 🙂

So waste of two days, waste of a load of money by the government for the extra time here, and a waste of my time running around like an idiot this morning getting to the station on time. I’ll never learn I suppose. But at least I got to walk on a beach in Scotland without standing on a disused heroin needle (I did have to remove a used condom from my big toe but that’s ok) so until the next time, same bat place, same bat time, same batty people…satay safe and sound all of you, and if you can’t stay safe and sound, then may your god protect you (because your governments won’t)

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

2 thoughts on “I’ve sank!

  1. Hi Adam, it’s good to know how you feel about the Scottish people…! I trust that being among us will assist in your quest and that you return to South a more enlightened person. If you are brave enough to make it a bit further north into the rugged Highlands we could do a bit of haggis spotting or Nessie hunting (or just have a beer or two!). The place is full of your fellow countrymen so you should feel at home! Take care and good to hear that you are being looked after. Kind regards Dunc an Sue.


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