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Can I write about the things I see on a daily basis?, can I look at life around me and judge? Can I close my eyes, click my heels together and wish to be anywhere else? Of course I can. I do it everyday. I’m not really having a pop at anyone in particular, just my life and surroundings in general. I never bring personal things into these pages (unless it’s part of the narrative, and funny) if I have, I apologise. (I try to hide the identity of fellow passers through as much as possible) the many many people who have had an enormous (or even a fleeting) impact on my adventurous travels are always acknowledged, but never revealed. (I’ve actually had folk asking why I haven’t mentioned them, and others who think I have so want to argue that I shouldn’t) anyway, no names, no pack drills, if the cap fits, by all means wear it (but don’t whine about the colour)

I’m having difficulty at the moment with my new tangle dangle gas oven! It has no temperature gauge, or little light that goes off. I switch it onto full power (gas mark 9+) and leave it for ten minutes. It seems to quieter down at about 7 minutes and that is the rub! I don’t know what temperature the actual oven is at. I’m trying to perfect my Yorkshire Puddings (IM NOT GAY) but the fat in the tins ain’t playing as it should. Any suggestions from anyone on this?????. I now have a small supply of spices to garnish any tangy meal (I might throw some in the pudding mix) and the morning spent at my local ASDA store really reacquainted me with my fellow Asghanistanians.

I find the different colours and hues of hair really amazing, the fact that they seem to colour the hair the same colour as the clothes they wear is a little distracting, but pretty(ish) all the same. Now the young lady with the BRIGHT PINK hair and crushed velouté pink fat pants was the exception I suppose. It was whilst looking at the differing barnets that I fell upon another mysterious craze hopping around the heads of these well heeled young individuals :/ I know they are called ‘fasinators’ and I’m sure in the right context they are, well, fascinating. Plonked on your syrup like a inebriated sparkly starfish when you are in your onesies or Lycra (STOP WEARING LYCRA) just doesn’t do them justice, the fascinating part is, the surprise on my face that you didn’t actually impale yourselves through the face with the knitting needle you used to keep them from crawling down your shoulder and running off to freedom. (I wish a had a pic)

Story behind this pic, I was in Africa with the Army, around 2000(ish) and we went to see if we could help the local chimpanzee sanctuary. As we had a look around I visited the main tower to see the expanse of the area. In it were photographs of the apes and their names and a little history. One had been lost (photo, not ape) so I couldn’t tell what or who it was. An hour later we were asked to see if we could do any manual work inside the sanctuary, there I saw this chimp holding a piece of paper, the guard (keeper) told me it was the picture of his mate, he had lost her to poachers a few days earlier and they had no idea how he got the pic, but he held onto it. (Sweet story I must say) Anyway, it reminded me of a rather hairstute girl I saw with about a million kids today wandering around the shops. Bless her she must have taken on a whole year group to look after.

Well m back at this place tomorow, only for a couple of days with me mates from my ‘Cohort!’ We are all mad as hatters thanks to “The Man” but I think some of us may get a little better as the years go on, (although I don’t think so somehow) so I’ll get some lovely pictures of he train ride up to Edinburgh, then across to Ayrshire. I’m fully expecting to be toyed with by a train full of drunk Scottish folk looking to eat an Englishman for breakfast with their Buckfast! So if I don’t make another instalment, look for the signs on ITV or at least lament my passing with songs of Yore and pity the fool who eats my brains!!!! To you all, a safe journey through life, and to life, please be kind to all of them 🙂

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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