Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Now I’m sure I’ve used that title before, if I think back to the very beginning of my blog around two years ago in Cyprus. But then again they were ALWAYS sunny afternoons, and mornings, and evenings, and sometimes nights were sunny too.
Well what has happened since I last wrote? I have decorated my passageway (that’s NOT a euphanism) I’ve hung up a load of curtains (well two actually, four if you count them separately) I’ve cooked on my new cooker and today I decided to make my first Sunday roast in my new pad (as it’s the first Sunday I have had the means to cook, it ain’t so impressive) I’ve drank to excess with my brother in law and fell arse over tit out of the local Chinese. Spiralled on the floor with the cackling of laughing drunks in my ear, I decided to just lay there for a second or two to catch my breath. I clattered onto my left knee, really twatted my right wrist, cricked my neck, but didn’t spill a drop of food. I hobbled home to confront the gargantuan meal I had bought meself.

It seems that things are going a whole load better (and sometimes crashing and burning) but on the level it’s all gravy (which, incidentally, tastes a lot better with marmite added) I’ve had dealings with the local council about the flat, all that has been sorted out in the affirmative, paperwork dealt with and sent away, all worries lifted. (There is still one thing in my life that concerns me, but that is part of a wider issue and not for this medium) it’s at this juncture that I would like to ask any readers if I have written anything derogatory or disparaging about anyone in particular (governments and organisations accepted) I find writing these missives helps me in a lot of different ways, it gets my thoughts out of my (sometimes befuddled) head and into history, it allows me to look back and actually remember things (my memory is as bad as…… Erm, swimmy thing,,,, in bowls,,,,,,, Erm small golden things. Fish fingers!) that’s the badger.

Well I’ve had a visit from Combat Stress and a Community Psychopathic Nurse (CPN) I KNOW ITS NOT PSYCHOPATHIC, but I really can’t remember what the title is. To be honest I couldn’t remember the guys name, I think I had several attempts, then I think he just gave up (I’m sure at one point he thought I was making it up) honestly, my memory is tragic. We talked for what seemed like seconds at a time, (I’m forgetting things as soon as he is saying them, so every time I blink, it’s like a new day) he seemed a good guy, and took loads of notes (or he could have been doodling a kitten, I don’t know) but the weekend seemed to go well. (Apart from the show jumping off the step at the Chinese) SOTS delivered a lovely sideboard too, I was actually looking for something to fill a gap (again, no euphemism) so now my kitchen is complete.

The walls are finished, waiting for the carpets, (any ideas on colours, when I say colours I mean actual colours you would find on a colour wheel, not a fruit or a wheat) I’m getting into this coordinating thing, all autumnal shades (FML) in the sitting room, neutrals in the kitchen (I’m gay) and might go pink on the bedrooms! What have I got to lose? As an aside to the decorating, the wheel was put back on me sisters car the day after it fell off. (I’m assuming I wrote about this) the bill was very reasonable for the recovery, the spares AND the labour, it’s Central Garages behind the “Cree” area of Ashington. I would recommend them to everyone. (I don’t often recommend stuff but these guys are worth a look)

Hitting the end now, the sun is setting (it’s been a fantastic day outside today, all washing done and dried (I must find somewhere to put it) and it’s time to sit back, have a coffee (I need to but some wine for these moments) and “chillax” as the young ethnic folk say (how PC was that?) I have a few errands to run in the morning, but I’ll be buggered if I remember what they are right now (I’m hoping my insomnia will sort those out) so all it leaves me to do is bid you a fond farewell and hope that the guardians of your souls stand fast and true, and may you think only of happier times in future and in past 🙂


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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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