First cut is the deepest

Plenty has happened in a short time, some good, some not so good, some awful and some wonderful. its strange how life does this. One minute everything is levelling off, things are trundling along as they should (there’s that word again, the word my therapist said I mustn’t use as it depicts what I perceive to be truth) (?) anyway, as they SHOULD, then out of nowhere a comet blasts into view and before you know it all life on earth is gone (Obviously metaphorically), but it seems like that, nothing around you but a nuclear winter, no sign of life (or normality) you’re left scratching your head thinking “What the hell just happened there?”, then in the distance you see a patch of green, and as you walk towards it, you see it could be trees and you maybe hear a river, so you start to run (you trip a couple of times, that’s as obvious as a horror movie extra (in a short skirt)) as you get closer you see it’s an oasis, an oasis that SHOULDN’T be there, there is no need for this paradise amongst the ruins of the world. As you sit in this wooded area, deer, birds, little furry mammals gather round you to show you there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

My home, (a matter of controversy to some) but my home, it has a door with a lock to keep the comets at bay, it has (what will be) a “Zen Room”, to be honest it’s me sitting room swathed in the amber glow of calming coloured bulbs. (AND A LAVA LAMP) I did stress out the other day as I lost a precious presentation piece, a Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank, presented for my service with 2RTR (those in the know will know who they are) but as I emptied all my plastic travel boxes I only went and found it hidden in the bottom of the one with me skiing gear in (and me medals) so there is that small nugget of gold at the end of that particular little rainbow.

One room has been readied for a spot of decorating, as I have been donated wallpaper, I have a pasting table (a steal at £5 ) some paste a brush or two, but the fact must be faced that a spot of painting will have to occur first. Even though the woodwork is still white (I know that’s a rarity in this day and age, but the guy who had this place before me seemed to enjoy the medium of intravenously inserted happiness rather than smoking the shit) so no nicotine stains anywhere (I do exaggerate, the chap was probably a lovely well heeled down to earth fellow who probably never took drugs in his life (I haven’t checked the loft for drug related objects yet)). So the sandpaper and ‘Satin Finish’ paint will be deployed sometime today.

Carpets have been an issue AND a bane to my masculinity these last couple of days too. Now I have never professed to being a burly beefcake who eats rusty nails and bullets for breakfast while bench pressing a small village in Dorset, but come on. Brown is brown off white is brown and dark brown is,,,, well dark brown. Mocha is a coffee, Butter Cream is an icing (usually found in your grannies cakes) and Champagne is a friggin bubbly drink that makes me puke. COLOURS are colours, Red, Green, Blue, dare I go on? White, brown, I’ll even wager beige, (but let’s not get too carried away with this Gok Wan world of camp) (I had a mate in the Forces once who said that the Para cap was more of a puce or plum colour, I thought ‘Okay, you tell them that’) colours are colours not fruits or cakes or drinks. Anyway,my Mocha flecked Axminster with a nice tight twisted twill (high traffic area) will look lovely in my neutrally toned space!!!!!!!!

20140712-225734-82654424.jpg</Stig is alive in my walk in dressing room (I call me spare room that so I can sound a bit posh) and my clothes have found somewhere to live again (seeing the light apart from being locked in an attic or suitcase) but the down side is that I will have to deploy the washing machine all weekend just to get them back into circulation (an iron will now be added into my inventory as the washing alone will only serve to make them smell nice, as I am now a member of Civ Div I must endeavour to look nice too) my kitchen is all but there with itself, a small table could be sought out (nothing new of course, but something I can make my own) and my Master Bedroom is a virgin no more, last night was the first night in my place, and to be honest, I fell asleep on the couch (it's comfortable) and at three in the morning I retired to me pit. Only to wake up at five!!!!!! But hey, little and often!!!!

My thoughts spread across the globe to my friends and the people who I care about (some of them don’t know that I actually do care about them). There is struggle on this planet, but if we look, we SHOULD be able to see a little oasis somewhere whether it’s inside or outside, we make our own landscapes to hide in. Peace and harmony to all (well most)

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

2 thoughts on “First cut is the deepest

  1. Am very disappointed at the clothes rail and the obvious lack of order! Make a decision – in order of colour or in order of formal long sleeve, formal short sleeve, polo neck, round neck, v neck etc . The fact that they are in no particular order makes me what to slap you across your arse with a cold fish and make you whistle “Dixie” at the same time. Lack of OCD is not permitted yesterday, today or tomorrow. Get a grip!


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