Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding

Money, a new week, a new start…..again, I must admit, the journey to the local post office was filled with trepidation and bewilderment as the queue came from no where. The smell of raljex and desolation. (Well lavender and wee) I wasn’t aware that such old folk still still got out and about without the aide of a wheel chair. Still, all my paperwork was handed over and promises were given that I should have an account by the time I’m sixty.

You may recall I helped my brother to pull up a few “Trees”, well since then he has had gates put in and two tonnes of gravel delivered. Unfortunately right in the middle of the area, the area which we were supposed to cover with said gravel. Anyway, a few backbreaking hours of manual labour and a cup of coffee or two the job was (sort of) done. Obviously it’s all lumpy and bumpy, he needs ANOTHER bag!!!!! (That will be me knackered again)

Whilst “digging for victory” I was phoned by the DWP….again, telling me I had been telling the truth!!!!!!!, odd that! So I was then informed that I should ring a number when my account is online to receive any loot that has been unloaded into a non bank account !!!!!! (Why won’t people listen when they are told something?) aft that, the drive way was finished and a long sit down with a LARGE coffee brought me another phone call, this time from someone in local housing. I won’t go into any detail but the outcome was a meeting set up tomorrow between myself, Benicia and S.O.T.S, I’ll let you know by a smiley when the meeting is over.

My idiot brother JUST managed to get the car into his garden, (after two attempts and a smelly clutch) he honestly drove it no more than 20 meters in both directions and had ME worried for the car itself! not least when it finally came to a stop and I just managed to close the gates without scraping the bumper. (It REALLY stank of clutch) I’ll give it two weeks before it’s in the garage. So now I sit and wait for the chicken I’m cooking to sort itself out! Another KFC (homemade of course) only because it’s been in the fridge and NEEDS to be eaten 🙂

I’ll sign off for the moment and hope one of these idols does the trick and brings me some luck, any really, good/ bad, just any 🙂 here’s hoping your faith keeps you safe and warm, and not too much in the firing line of your enemies 😀

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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