A week in the presence of MY beauty

Ring the office at 09:30 they say, no appointments made other ways apart from emergencies!!!! Now it’s 09:45 and the engaged tone mocks me louder and louder,the three monotone notes digging into my ear like a torturous worm set about me by the great Khan (Trekkie reference there) all I want is a signature from a doctor, but the gods conspire today, ‘He shall not prevail’ I hear them whisper. Aha! I’m through…………and my doctor isn’t in today, but wait, there’s more!!!! They don’t like to change your doctor around so they keep continuity, I like it, no I honestly like it. It’s been a long time since I saw the same doctor more than once. AND I don’t have to see him, if he needs any information, then HE will ring ME. (Have I stumbled into Nirvana?)

Change of tack for a second or two (but I always just ramble on about anything that pops into my head anyway, or is it just that random acts happen in my life throughout my day) I’ve realised why the world is a bit weary about technology keeping tabs on the individual. Drones, Spy Cams, Governments snooping through your airwaves. You see, everything you want to know about a person is on line somewhere, (like a giant jigsaw with no box lid). Links to other sites, to other individuals, (and it’s the ‘others’ that unintentionally release possibly sensitive information) does that read back as personal? It’s just an observation!

Right, dinner is on, roast pork bellies with all the Sunday trimmings, I know it’s not Sunday, but I haven’t had one for ages, mind you, the actual trek to get the greens and stuff was more akin to patrolling the de-militarised zone, I honestly found myself scanning and checking my fives and twenties. Every person was an immediate threat. Not from the PTSD view, but just the fact that the insurgency throughout the north east is brimming in Asghanistan. Please don’t get me wrong I love my home town really (no tongue in cheek there) but it takes all sorts! And by Christ we have got all sorts here, but please if you are easing this and you recognise yourself, just don’t take it personally. For crying out loud, if you are going to wear jogging bottoms with a vest AND boots tucked into socks, at least wash the vest, and please also, if you insist on wearing black Lycra led rings, don’t sew two sets together and try them, it’s not a good look if you don’t sport the most athletic of figures. Now I’m no oil painting, (well a Picasso maybe (to all my younger readers, and I know there are some, Picasso was an artist not just a people carrier)

Dinner was a triumph, (not the car), and I now feel fat! Well plump, well rotund(er). And the washing up is all done, I’m waiting for a phone call to give me the number of my house, and hopefully the keys, it would be nice to sleep in me own bed again. So this day is finished (sort of) and my work is done! Whoever you are and whatever your faith, my your god smile upon you, unless he/ she wants you to be a martyr, (then you’re screwed)


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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