The Exorcism of an entrenched mind

Bit heavy that title isn’t it? Well to be honest, my frame of mind hasn’t exactly been on the ball for a while. Every now and then I have a little rant online, wether it be WordPress, Twitter, Face Book even Skype. I just feel I have to let go, but no, not now (of course I have issues that need venting, everyone does) I won’t (if I can help it) hang my soiled trollies for all to see. Let me start with an apology, to myself, for staying in the UK for a lot longer than I expected. As I wander on through this missive, you will no doubt discover the reasons for that decision (if you do, could you please reply and explain your findings to me)

Now I hope this is a picture of JD and coke, because if not, I’m going to have to redo this whole thing when I’ve finished 😦 never mind. I’ve actually had very little alcohol in the last few months of being here, I just don’t seem to want to get plastered the way I used to do. Am I getting old? I really hope not. Probably because I have found it strange coming back to a place I left years ago (around 20) and vowed not to come back to live. The prices have launched themselves into the stratosphere closely followed by the unemployment AND paradoxically, the rise in mobile phone shops along Ashghanistans Main Street.

This SHOULD be a photograph of something I had the chance to do while on a sabbatical in Scotland with a bunch of messed up guys 🙂 if it’s not a bow, then just imagine what it looks like, all curved and thin, just like any model you see in the underwear section of Kay’s catalogue (do people still get that or has it died a death too because of online shopping?) anyway, six weeks in the wilderness finding myself wasn’t particularly helpful as I got lost, then found, then list again, then stumbled onto a pathway that got me back (Dog Soldiers was filmed around there I’m sure, using local people as wolves). Anyway, moving on.

Now I honestly would like that one to come out 🙂 since arriving back to the shores of my beloved England, I have been thwarted at every turn by my once proud employer, namely the government. It seems that if you decide NOT to be a drain on the system, and actually bugger off out of the country to have adventures and a different lifestyle, they do not recognise you when you return. Now I’m not wearing a mask or a hat, nor do I possess a beard or scar down my left cheek. Basically I’m the guy who let here (for the second year running I may add) to come back to find I’m no longer an “Habitual Resident” of the UK now obviously my British passport, my British bank account, my British address, my British daughter, Father, sister, brother, my 15 years service in the bloody British military count for bugger all. REMEMBER, NOT A SOCK SHALL BE HUNG.

Painting with light 🙂 kept me amused for ages, mind you I’ve probably forgotten all the settings now. So I’ve been in the country since January, and received ‘Diddly Squat’ from the government, the generosity of my family shows no bounds, I know when I get myself back on the more travelled path, that they shall be bestowed with lavishness beyond my ken. (I’ll pay them back) but dreams live on, they must, if you haven’t got them, then what’s the point of going on. Did Captain Oats give up? ….erm, did the Captain of the Titanic give………..oh, well I’m not giving them up!!!!! “I have a dream” I’ve heard that before somewhere, but this dream needs time 🙂 a commodity I seem to have accrued in abundance since my last blog!

Hopefully a cool pic. Well I’m drawing this one to a close around now, there are weeks of travel and adventures to regale this screen with, no matter that no one reads it, it just gets it out of my head and onto the consciousness of the inter web, it’s a cathartic exercise to release these thoughts out there, even if a single reader browses through and picks out a word, a phrase, a spelling or grammatical mistake or even a picture (I really hope they come out) it will have been worth it.
For now I say goodnight and god bless the ones who he wants 🙂

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

2 thoughts on “The Exorcism of an entrenched mind

  1. Honestly? A great read, buddy! Full of wit and truth, and a source of comfort to know that there are other Irishmen out there like myself whose alter egos are named Phil O’Sofa!!! So from the comfort of my own armchair, thanks for reassuring me that there are fellow travellers along the path that leads to the exorcism of the mind. Good luck with your journey!


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