I ain’t never seen an elephant fly

Oh good god the day started early. I forgot there was more than one seven o’clock in a 24 hour system. Although the alarm went off at 0800, I remember my eyes opening a little earlier, and only for a moment. Then sleep again until the piano sounded. Breakfast and a couple f trips back to the room for forgotten stuff (mainly mine) and it was time to get on the taxi/ bus/ van/ metal coffin that was our transport (I’m being too hard, it’s not even coffin shaped)

A normal van can hold 6 comfortably, this one was going for the ton ( well twelve in the end) so I got to know some of the other passengers a little too well. My camera In My pocket did anyway!! We arrived and was given a good old safety brief, needless to say I didn’t hear a word as it was in a heavily accented French accent. (And a cute dog was chewing the fence and distracting me) then up to a store to collect some fruit for the Hefalumps.

We got the basket of food for the old girl who couldn’t see. (Typical) I thought, (I get the broken one). She was the most beautiful animal I have EVER had the fortune to be close to. Her sightless eyes held a trust that you could since. (I know it’s only because she is trained to eat at that spot at that time) but she needs to trust you not to upset her or feed her rocks or be horrible to her. Everyone else had to feed theirs by giving the fruit to animal via the trunk, but you had to place the fruit on her tongue. Elephants are soooo loving (unless they are trampling on top of your dead carcass for hurting their young) I loved every second of this half hour. All the others were finished but I just kept slowly patting her, talking to her and feeding her. Emotions were high and I can understand why some therapists adhere to animal therapy, dogs, horses whatever. Mine would be elephants.

Away to the river to watch them bathe.the big dude, and then to a hut to cut some pumpkins. (Gordon Ramsey couldn’t have been better) keep the sticky rice from sticking to the button of a HUGE pan on a fire then away to carry some grasses, when I say grass, I lied, they were small trees. At last food for us. Hey it was nice enough but what made my day was the American guy asking if these were African or Asian elephants. ( now I was sure I flew to BKK which is in ASIA, but maybe this guy was on a different special plane than the rest of us.) after food we made “Sticky Rice” balls for the older girls with no teeth. I had fun making oversized sushi stuff. Then it was time to feed these things to the big greys. They loved it, I even got the opportunity to take a selfie with one…..

Tarzan ropes at the ready, I stripped to me trunks and swung into the river right next to a big girl who was happily waiting up to here ears for us. One by one they came through, one by one we had to get out ‘Just in case’ then it was time for us to swim with the herd. I was playing on one girls back (how HUGE was her backbone?) we all giggled like school kids (except the school kids, they were just too grown up) “Jonny” the young bull turned again and again to hump the other old bull, but just couldn’t understand he was too small.

Back for the last feed of the day for the elephants and this time I got the fat girl. (Really, she was the fattest there and LOVED her food) We said our farewells and duly left after a brilliant day with huge gentle creatures. I will never forget this day. Our journey back was without incident but the septics in the taxi made us laugh with their stupidity and naivety. “bless” them. Another fantastic day today.

To all those who care, this is for you, for all those who don’t care, this is for you anyway, stop reading if you don’t care you fools 🙂 I’m in ASIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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