The Colonel Bogey March

Give a little whistle, I actually did, in fact I played the intro tune to the film as I lay under the canopy drinking a beer. I raised the glass and saluted fallen comrades. I’m on the river “Kwai” for some reason the idiot Americans who write for ‘the lonely planet’ insist you pronounce it ‘Kquare’ WTF do they know? I shall go and visit the iconic bridge tomorrow, but I’ve already passed one memorial to the thousands of workers, allied POW,s AND civilians drafted (enslaved?) who died during the construction of the ‘Death Railway’

Within minutes of getting off the train (a three hour ride from Bangkok through some of the most beautiful countryside AND squalor I’ve ever seen) -the price of this journey was £2 for a journey of over 100 miles. Think a little about that, it’s over £100 to get to London from Newcastle, cramped in carriages sometimes standing, with a crap buffet car that’s inevitably late! Ok so this was a third class ride, but through some beautiful scenery with the sun AND fresh food being proffered throughout the train. – we were offered a taxi ride to a hotel, (not a clue what hotel they wanted to take us to but a hotel none the less????) we walked! A mile or so but it was worth it.

We are ON the river Kwai, you can hardly imagine he desolation the builders of the railway suffered in this heat and humidity. I personally have family who were in this area during the war, so the tone of this missive may seem a little somber than usual. The vista I have from the balcony of the restaurant is breathtaking, you can see gooks in the wire everywhere, (obviously that’s an American phrase so in no way do I condone the use of it 🙂 ) a trip up (or down ) the river in a long tail boat will be next I hope, just so I can get the go pro out and see what it’s like at speed 🙂

Our accommodation is spartan (but who cares, it’s the area that brings the joy!) and the food here is first rate. Tonight I hope to get a view of he bridge (something the RAF would have loved) until then I’m going to try and use Skype for various reasons. To all that know, care and love me, I’ll say farewell for now, for the rest if you, I’ll say farewell too 🙂





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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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