The King and I

Waking late (the jazz music lasted a while but I really just ignored it and fell asleep early) our plan was made. Walk around the grand palace then the reclining Buddha then a river boat. We checked the map (after orientation of course) then I promptly set off in the totally wrong direction. (Well it’s been a while) but the walk was good! What was better though wS that we found a map on a lamppost and ruminated on it for a while, right until someone came up to us and started telling us his life story of where he works, where he is from and so on and so forth. Once again, we were better off by ourselves so I turned around and headed the wrong way again. Then I was shown sense and started the right way at last.

The palace was as cool a thing as I’ve seen in a lifetime. You see this sort of thing on Sky TV and in the glossy magazines, but to actually see it and walk around is something else entirely. (Of course it’s my first time and I’m reliably informed that by the end of the trip I will be bored with yet ANOTHER temple. (I think not). Although I will say that the tourists are testing me. Today was brim full of Chinese tourists and to have them walk in front of you, barge past you, knock into your pregnant fiancé nearly lit my fuse. It was fortunate I was not alone. Some of the pictures I took should show something of the life of my title today.

The next tour stop was the reclining Buddha. 46 meters long and 15 meters tall. To say it’s huge, is another understatement ( this city is filled with understatements) gold too, full of understatements and gold. (Was Yule Brenna the star?) I will let the photos of the statue and the “Wat” (temple) speak for themselves. We eventually got onto a river taxi (after being asked how many months pregnant my fiancé was, then being told I look bigger than she) now I’ve spent many a time on boats in the last couple of years and I can safely say that I still hate them, if it want for the fact that It was on our list of things to do, I wouldn’t have set a foot within half a mile of one. But it did the trick.

I forgot to mention the impromptu sit on the grass listening to the National Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra. They were outstanding with the sunset background and the soulful sounds of guest singers, and the policeman prodding me to not sleep on the grass. Oh well I’ve been told off now. Back through the streets to the street that I should know, but keep forgetting for some light food and mango shake. All in all a pretty cool day with some of the most exquisite sites you could see and a mother day or two here to get some more sites in.

The Internet is pretty crap here so I will be posting these when I can, to everyone and anyone who knows me 🙂


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