Leaving on a jet plane………2


Second attempt at this travel blog on my blackberry as I pressed the wrong button and deleted the first one three paragraphs in, by heck it was a good one with no spelling mistakes are crap gramma.

So, the ticket said terminal one from budapest flying aeroflot to moscow, as we neared said terminal it became apparent that this was a cargo depot. Ok I tought, from the cold war days of comunism and concrete, the old russian airline might still run from here. Of couse it didn’t, a quick run to the depature thing told us all we need to know. Unless our initials were DHL or UPS we weren’t going any further. Back out to terminal 2B 4 kilometres away for this callsign.

Now we were on familure ground, I’ve been here quite a few times and know tthe layout. Booking in with Russias premiere scrapheap was a doddle, do I look like a terrorist? Get yourself on comrade. Waitng at security is NEVER a chor in Budapest, they are nice enough people who genuinly want you to get on your flight so it was with a smile I heard a commotion behind us, some western (British) idiot was running late and ranting about how he was told to turn up late as it wouldn’t be a problem, he was pushed through the security area while his bag was xrayed. Crying that “he had payed for this service and was disgusted at beiing treat like any other passenger made all English look stupid. So happily the x-ray guy kept his bag in the machine just long enough for said Brit to nearly implode with anger. That wasn’t the end of his twattishness! We got through way ahead of him as he threatened again and again to make a phone call (God knows who to) and we got to the last passport check before the gate. Another Brauhaha and the fat twat was barged passed everyone again (important or just getting rid of him?) He cried again at the passport dude and then was wisked away.

Gate B14 and not a great deal of fuss really, I haven’t flown on too many non cheap flights before (unless you count the ones going into and coming out of war zones) so the lack of pikeys and chavs was pleasently different. I sad earlier that we were booked onto a premiere scrapheap, I was so wrong. The plane was one of the nicest I’ve flown on AND the stewardesses weren’t looking like something that had fallen into a barrel of toxic waste. Walking through buisness class into the council estate class was rather akin to going from a palace to a mansion! It was roomy, well kept and much more than was to be expected. Everyone had boarded and loads of empty seats meant you could move around if you wanted. A commotion at the front of the aircraft heralded the approach of the English Arsehole, he had complained, cried, threatened and bitched but he was still the last one on, in the row opposite me, so cattle class for him HA!

Him writing a complaint. I’ve since found he is SWISS, so I’ll apologise to ALL British people everywhere for comparing him to us

Right, next flight from Moscow to BKK, after a costa coffee


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