Guess Who’s Back?

Well not much guessing really as this is written on my Mac and transferred to the internet via mars edit thing, so no, don’t bother guessing,,,,,,,,its MEEEE

IMG 0943

i don’t really know when the last instalment of this thing was, but I’m sure the only readers will be my friends and family and i know you have seen my comings and goings on the inter-web through Face Book and such like. Now starts another chapter. hopefully i will catch you up on the things alluded to in the last few months, and then onto some travels to the Far East. 

IMG 0904

The travelling won’t be happening for a few days as i have just arrived back in Hungary for the first part (It is a fact that when you want to fly ANYWHERE in the world, its better to get out of the UK first as the price plummets like an Austrian from a red bull capsule). So a bus trip to Luton Airport (arrived 0630, planes wheels up 1430) whats that film with Tom Hanks who lives in the airport? and a lovely 2 hour flight into Europe. 

IMG 1310

I was originally going to fly to Cairo onto Sharm then back to Dahab for a look see, but my travelling companion veered me towards Bangkok Thailand and onto Cambodia, seems a good place to start i would say, AND Dahab is still looking good for getting there as soon as its viable (an they stop blowing busses up)

IMG 1327

At the moment i feel like Alan Whicker (and i don’t mean the underwear) flying hither and tither, staying in airports more often than not, having my passport regularly checked (But NEVER stamped) living in others houses and generally leeching around. Christmas in Hungary, New Year in the UK Easter in the Far East, then who knows after that. Oh and I’m going to be a father!

IMG 1245

I have found that i don’t like the UK very much right now, well when i say the UK i mean the people who come up with bright ideas to try and save money. I was reminded that when i returned to Blighty that i needed to inform  the powers that be of  my impending stay. The DHSS or DWP or Jobseekers (or whatever they want to call themselves, so they can spend a bit more tax payers money on advertising and literature changes) told me i had to fill out a form called the Habitual Residence Test, I did as they asked and was subsequently told that I’m not considered a habitual resident OF MY OWN COUNTRY of which I SERVED 15 YEARS IN THE ARMY. Well as you can imagine, i was smiley and happy with this decision.

IMG 1170

The fact that i found the paperwork on the CAB website, after the fact, which states i wasn’t supposed to be given the test in the first place didn’t concern the powers that be. The CAB started to whine and dodge the issue saying that the law could have been interpreted (BLACK AND WHITE ) then the DHSS, DWP, Job centre (whatever) said that they couldn’t speculate on the decision (IT WAS THERE COCK UP) anyway, I’m out of there now and into the wilds of Magyar, (thats Hungary to you) and just had my dinner……Cooked chicken (Cockerel with HUGE bollocks) and it was filling!!!

IMG 0879

Tomorrow Budapest and Szentendre as we prepare for the off. i hope to be able to find all my pics of the last few months and get some back on line, including London, Beamish, Hungary and Sinai, (all you live in hope) 

For you all, family and friends wherever you may roam, lets get the readers up again (and less spelling mistakes this time)

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