Carry on, follow that camel.

No seriously, camels, what’s the point? I mean animals that walk along the desert doing what they want, when they want, in herds following each other anywhere, and my god they plod on so slow and they don’t care………..they are great! I sat on one for a couple of hours the other day to and from a dive site called Ras Alu Galoo (or something like that) When we arrived, my camel just kept walking, the others had dismounted and were now stretching off. I was left on my depressed dromedary heading way into the sunset. I tried pulling the rope to make it stop, it just looked at me with disdain in its eyes, I kicked it’s side to make it turn,,,,again the look of “what do you think you are doing? I’m the boss” eventually we stopped…..right where it should and always does everyday. Well I didn’t know that, I just thought we were going all D.H.Lawrence and going to end up in the desert.

A bit of a rest before the first dive, a “secret” dive apparently, with the kit on 4X4 rocked up to take us to the dive site (why hadn’t it tipped up an hour before to take us rather than the camel?) in the back with our stuff and a 5 minute drive to a spot of ‘beach’ where three things popped up out the water. To be honest, the dive was pretty cool. Unfortunately my buddy found the need to ignore everything they had been taught and acted like a day one student……up down, crashing into everyone, I could have jut cut an airline and left. But professionalism prevailed. (And the fact I can shout underwater) eventually the dive ended.(thank Christ)

The second dive was supposed to be a bit of a drift dive through a place called ‘Trigger fish point’ I’ll admit, it WAS full of trigger fish, but unfortunately, as with everything in nature, you really can’t rely on her to be predictable,,,,,,there was NO current for a drift. It was still beautiful non the les, and with my venom still in the ears of my buddy. We had a good dive. When the transport eventually picked is up we had dried off and were ready for food. The lunch was typical chicken with rice potatoes flat bread and tahini. Couldn’t grumble, the cats did like the leftovers of course.

Back to the camel and off home after a day out. The journey seemed longer this time, maybe it was because I was out in front and not at the back like on the way out. Still, my beast of burden decided to take his own path through someone’s garden and eat the leaves off a tree. As I sat on its back trying to change tunes on my iPod, the owner started shouting someone ranty, I just played dumb and the camel moved on at its own pace.

All in all, a good day out even with the swollen testicles when I slid down the seat on the camels back as he negotiated a rather tricky decline towards the sea!!!!! But enough of my day, how was yours? ……….for you all, all around the world x






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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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