Away from the numbers

The sun is steadily getting closer I’m sure, the heat has been cranked up a notch or two and looks like it will be out of control soon! A bit like the country, but that’s another story. Well I’m back in the mad house that is Dahab, and I couldn’t be happier really. Cairo wasn’t really a shithole as I described, but I still won’t be going back!!!!! I was supposed to go for ice cream but somehow got side tracked into drinking rum (I’m slowly turning into a pirate I’m sure) so the ice cream was put on hold while I collapsed in my flat. Obviously forgetting the frozen nuggets of goodness that was my pork sausages and pork bellies!!!!! (Well, thick bacon) so I thought I would collect them the next evening.

Well the next evening came and went, this time I had NO alcohol, but I did manage the ice cream. Sitting on the waters edge, I witnessed three divers obviously on a night dive (the night skies and the torches gave that away) they seemed took up along the sandy shore, then promptly submerged, raised, dived, raised some more, looked like they didn’t have a clue, then sank. The Red Sea wasn’t rough by any stretch of the imagination, but where they were, want the best place to be floundering. Eventually they sort of drifted off out of sight!! (At least they were all together when they disappeared) three bodies haven’t been washed up anywhere yet and no one has asked about them, so I guess they aren’t local, or they turned up!

Four dives with a dude over the last two days have been pretty cool, lighthouse reef, Masharaba, eel gardens and the islands. It was my first guide around the islands so I cunningly latched onto the back of another dive that was going around there. Now I have a bit more of a affirmation of where I’m going, it’s really an easy dive!!! I’m helping a guy on his Dive Master for the time being, and I know exercise 5 is heading his way today. This is the exercise where he and I exchange our kit underwater. Now the last two divers I have done this with have BOTH bolted for the surface leaving me to sit on the seabed thinking about the decisions I have made! Lovely time to reflect on things when you see your air supply heading away from you at a rapid rate of knots, but hey ho!

Just a short one today as its nearly lunch time and I’m starving. Hope to get some good photos soon, but I will put some decent ones up as I have them. X





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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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